Concealed Carry for 20% Less in Mississippi

Constitutional carry is the ideal, but who can be angry when pro-gun Mississippian legislators are proposing to reduce our carry fees by 20%? •Guns: Senate Bill 2394 would reduce the concealed-carry gun permit fee, from $100 to $80 for honorably retired law enforcement officers, disabled veterans and active duty military members. It would also reduce […]

“Gun Street” Politically Incorrect in Jackson, Mississippi

Here in Chattanooga we have a popular street named Gunbarrel, but in Jackson, Mississippi, Councilwoman LaRita Cooper Stokes wants to change that. “Gun Street should have never been named a street name in the African American community in my opinion,” says Stokes. … “The neighborhood isn’t a bad neighborhood it’s just someone in the neighborhood […]

More Gun Freedom in Mississippi.

Once again the “backwards” South is at the forefront of freedom. JACKSON, Mississippi — Certain gun owners can carry concealed weapons even in areas where a local government has posted signs banning them, the Attorney General’s office said Thursday in an opinion aimed at clarifying Mississippi’s gun laws. Gun owners who hold “enhanced permits” can […]

Shoot me once? Shoot you 10 times.

Armed Robber Shoots Store Owner in the Leg, Store Owner Then Shoots Robber 10 Times. An alleged armed robber entered the Get and Go Convenience Store in Jefferson Davis County, Mississippi. The armed suspect attempted to rob the store, and during the process of taking money, the suspect shot the store owner in the leg […]