Texas: Buy A Ring, Get A Gun

If you want a true shotgun wedding, this offer from Thacker Jewelry may entice you. “We started this tradition I believe it was, it’ll be three years now,” Thacker Jewelry Owner Joe Thacker Said. “The idea, of course, is the word play and the old shotgun wedding. Not going back to the negative connotation playing off […]

Gun owners should not pay for the crimes of teens

I saw this story… Review: Texas rarely prosecutes adults when kids access guns AUSTIN, Texas (AP) – A review finds Texas rarely prosecutes people who fail to secure their guns from children. Gun owners can be charged with a misdemeanor in Texas if they fail to secure their firearms or leave them in a place […]

Poncho: Armed Security for Me, No Open Carry for Thee

Remember our friend Poncho Nevarez? “I bet I own more guns than all those people who came in the office put together,” Nevarez added. “I mean, I have a lot of weapons. I have a shooting range on my place. So I don’t think they really did their homework with the person they came to […]

Gun Rights Coming to Texas Colleges

AUSTIN Two Republican senators say a proposal that would allow college students to carry guns on campus already has enough support to pass the upper chamber. Sens. Charles Schwertner and Brian Birdwell said Monday 19 senators have endorsed their bill. It would allow students, faculty and staff members with concealed-handgun licenses to carry guns into […]

Armed Staff working in Texas

Here’s some good news for gun owners, if guns get legalized in previously illegal areas, people get used to them. It’s been about seven months since the Argyle Independent School District began arming some staff members with concealed guns, and so far, many parents say it’s become just an afterthought. Back in February, the district […]

Politically Incorrect Pro-Gun Sign

Check this sign outside of a gun store in Texas:   The owner of Tactical Firearms really hit the bull’s-eye this time. A marquee outside the store in Katy, Texas, boasts that owner Jeremy Alcede likes his guns “like Obama likes his voters. Undocumented.” According to the local ABC affiliate, some residents of the small […]

Hispanic Jeweler Shoots Burglar

The rate of Hispanics who support our Second Amendment is lower, so I’m happy when I can show you stories like this: ELGIN, Texas (KXAN) — Elgin police say a jewelry store owner shot and killed a burglar inside the store early Monday morning. Just before 1 a.m., police responded to a call about shots […]

Pro-Gun Shirt Gets Early Voter Thrown Out

You show up to vote wearing a  pro-gun T-Shirt, and someone tells you to turn it around or leave. Say what? Driskill, employed as a private security guard in Houston, went to the Waller County Courthouse in Hempstead on Tuesday to cast his early-voting ballot in the Republican Primary. He was wearing a black T-shirt […]

Pro-Gun Event at Baylor University

Baylor hasn’t always been a friend of gun owners, last year they rejected the ad below for a pro-gun event. Their student propaganda paper has published at least one anti-gun editorial. So it gives me joy that they’re learning from their past mistakes: Baylor Law Hosts “Stand Your Ground” Course Posted: Feb 15, 2014 8:01 PM […]