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About Gregory Smith

Gregory Smith is an advertising copywriter and passionate supporter of the 2nd Amendment. He blogs daily at, shares his favorite gun ads on Pinterest, and loves answering comments on the STSA Facebook Page. Greg owns two guns (Beretta Nano and Smith & Wesson pistol with 17 rounds), goes to the range once a month (ammo is expensive), and is politically a right-libertarian who alternates his readings between Ayn Rand, Ann Coulter, Townhall and

Shoot Straight Accused Of Sexism

A chain of gun stores in Clearwater, Shoot Straight, is being accused of sexism by a woman who didn’t get promoted to management. Crystal Mims is accusing Shoot Straight of violating the Florida Civil Rights Act based on sex discrimination and retaliation. For nearly three years, Mims worked at Shoot Straight Clearwater. Throughout that time, […]

Florida: Uber Driver Kills Robber

Uber prohibits drivers from carrying guns, but it’s obvious many drivers are not putting their lives on the line over liberal fears. This is what happened: An Uber driver, confronted by a robber who had a pair of guns, shot the man dead on Sunday along a causeway near an upscale mall in Aventura, Fla., […]