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About Gregory Smith

Gregory Smith is an advertising copywriter and passionate supporter of the 2nd Amendment. He blogs daily at, shares his favorite gun ads on Pinterest, and loves answering comments on the STSA Facebook Page. Greg owns two guns (Beretta Nano and Smith & Wesson pistol with 17 rounds), goes to the range once a month (ammo is expensive), and is politically a right-libertarian who alternates his readings between Ayn Rand, Ann Coulter, Townhall and

Black Gun Targets Politically Incorrect

If you go to the gun range, you’re not supposed to pick black gun targets according to the PC police. Fatal shootings of young black men across the U.S. remain a contentious topic even in a political climate that provides new opportunities for outrage every day. Ad agencies and their clients have addressed the seemingly […]

Is Lifelock Ashamed Of Advertising With Guns?

This ad from Lifelock was in the NRA’s magazine- America’s First Freedom. Notice something missing? Why a fisherman? You’re not advertising on Field & Stream, but on a magazine that’s 100% about the 2nd Amendment. The NRA logo is nice, but if would be nicer if Lifelock’s advertising agency could stop bringing their biases to […]

Orange is the new anti-gun

  The gun haters are having a Wear Orange Day to “end gun violence” in memory of Hadiya Pendleton. Nearly 200 national monuments will turn orange to honor Hadiya and other victims of gun violence, including Niagara Falls, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Empire State Building. Source Here’s one of the people wearing orange […]