Dude in Distress Saved by Armed Girl

“Real men use their fists,” the anti-gunners like to tell you. Well, a real man tried that and he got his throat slashed, although not deep enough to kill him. And who saved the day? The girlfriend. No damsel in distress here, just a damsel with firepower. That’s why when it comes to self-defense, Real […]

Pro-Gun/Pro-Hunting Story in the Times Herald.

  It’s rare when the mainstream media prints anything positive about guns, here’s an excerpt. When his kids were old enough to handle a firearm — at age 5 or 6 — Ireland taught them to shoot. His biological children are now grown, with his daughter a military wife and his son in the U.S. […]

90-year-old fights back with gun

All Hail the Great Equalizer! DAYTON —The 90-year-old owner of an East Fifth Street laundromat scared off a would be robber on Monday evening, pulling a gun when the young man demanded cash from the register. George Hicks said he wasn’t scared during the confrontation at the R & J Laundromat and will be ready […]

Shoot me once? Shoot you 10 times.

Armed Robber Shoots Store Owner in the Leg, Store Owner Then Shoots Robber 10 Times. An alleged armed robber entered the Get and Go Convenience Store in Jefferson Davis County, Mississippi. The armed suspect attempted to rob the store, and during the process of taking money, the suspect shot the store owner in the leg […]