CA waiting period struck down for current gun owners.

New gun owners still have to risks their lives being unarmed for 10-days… SACRAMENTO — A federal judge has overturned part of a California law requiring a 10-day waiting period for gun buyers, ruling that it does not apply to those who already own firearms. U.S. District Judge Anthony Ishii of Fresno ruled late last […]

Pregnant Criminal Shot by Armed 80-year-old

The New York Daily News is sounding strangely pro-life LOL They came to the wrong house. An 80-year-old California retiree shot dead a pregnant woman as she and a male accomplice tried to flee Tuesday night after breaking in and robbing the man’s home in Long Beach. And Tom Greer has no regrets about plugging […]

More States have Gun Seizure Laws

Instead of locking up people, they’re locking up guns: As state officials across the country grapple with how to prevent mass killings like the one at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, some are turning to a gun seizure law pioneered in Connecticut 15 years ago. Connecticut‘s law was the first of its kind nationwide […]

90% of the crimes caused by 0.5% of the people

A study from gun-hating Salinas, California has shown some interesting stats: SALINAS, Calif. —At Tuesday’s City Council meeting, Police Chief Kelly McMillin presented a gangs and firearms report that analyzed all 76 homicides that happened in Salinas from 2010-2013. Salinas has 23 active gangs, and gangsters make up .5 percent of the city’s total population. About […]

Armed Robbery Up in California.

California here I don’t come, especially Oakland where armed robbery is up 24%. How could that be?  Back in October, California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a spate of new gun control laws into effect. When he signed those laws, Assemblyman Tom Ammiano of San Francisco proudly said of his bill, which requires gun owners to […]

Crazies getting guns in California.

We’re always telling liberals that gun control doesn’t work, once again we have been proven right. Mentally ill people are not allowed to buy guns in California. But Barbara says her son was able to buy several of them, including at least one semi-automatic rifle, from a gun store in Sacramento … That means that […]

2nd Amendment Loses in Sunnyvale, CA.

What else can one expect from a city in the People’s Republic of California? Measure C — which requires gun owners to report a loss or theft of their weapon to police within 48 hours, to keep firearms locked up when not in the owner’s direct possession and prohibits ammunition magazines that hold more than […]

Gun Control coming to Sunnyvale.

The Silicon Valley suburb of Sunnyvale is not exactly South Central: Sunnyvale indeed has among the lowest violent crime rates in the state. The city of 140,000 had 150 assaults and other violent crimes, including three homicides, in 2011, according to the FBI. By comparison, Hayward, which is about the same size, had 579 violent […]

Everybody Hates Brown.

California Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown is a good example why trying to please everybody is a bad idea. “the proponent of the “paddle to the left, paddle to the right” school of politics — now finds both camps firing away at his actions on a score of gun legislation today. While the gun rights conservatives […]