Business is Booming thanks to Concealed Carry in Illinois

It pays to support the 2nd Amendment… Nearly four months after Illinois residents started applying online for concealed carry licenses, businesses like gun ranges and training classes are feeling a positive impact. “It’s concealed carry. It’s a whole different ball game,” said Tim Barton, owner of Citizens Tactical Unit Firearms Training Academy in Geneseo, Illinois. […]

Pro-Gun Protest in Illinois

  SPRINGFIELD — Fresh from a major victory in their battle to legalize the concealed carry of loaded guns in public, gun activists flocked to the Illinois Capitol Wednesday to fight for expanded gun rights in Illinois. After seeing the state’s first concealed carry law go into effect earlier this year, pro-gun groups arrived in Springfield […]

Gun activists challenge concealed carry restrictions

Illinois has a ton of concealed carry restrictions, and our 2A activists are not gonna take it: SPRINGFIELD – Gun owners from throughout the state plan to descend on Springfield Wednesday to push for more permissive gun rules in Illinois. Gun activists will march down Capitol Avenue to the Statehouse and urge lawmakers to cut […]

New Gun Transfer Process in Illinois.

More nuttiness from the Land of Lincoln: A law that goes into effect Wednesday will require individual Illinois gun owners to check their buyer’s credentials with state police before transferring ownership of their weapons, but key details of the new process still haven’t been announced. …. Beginning next week, Bond said gun owners will be […]

Chicago Sheriff Now Carrying Gun.

[wpfcNOT] It’s good to be the king, or a Sheriff in Cook County, authority figures can get a gun anytime. Sheriff Dart Now Carrying Gun, After Death Threats December 25, 2013 12:28 PM   (CBS) – It is not unusual for a sheriff to be carrying a gun.  In fact, it would be expected in some […]

End gun-free zone restrictions in Batavia.

Batavia, Illinois is a bad place. What’s the point of getting a concealed carry permit if you can’t carry in  “parks, schools, any public buildings, some restaurants and most taverns, liquor stores, any preschool or child-care facility, sporting events, bike paths, hospitals, mental health facilities and nursing homes, airports, zoos, museums, buses, trains, at special […]

Concealed Carry Almost Impossible in Chicago Suburb.

Let’s say you live in Batavia and you go through all this to get your concealed carry permit: The licensee has to be 21 years old, submit fingerprints, undergo a comprehensive criminal background check, submit a recent color head-and-shoulder photo and submit evidence that he or she has completed 16 hours of firearms training, including […]

Concealed-Carry Instructors are Cashing-In.

It’s a good time to be a concealed-carry instructor in Illinois. In July, Illinois became the last state in the U.S. to make it legal to carry concealed firearms. With estimates of 400,000 applying for permits in the first year, the rush has already been felt by instructors such as George Fleming. As well as […]

New Gun Control in Illinois.

“Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has signed into law a bill that will place new restrictions onto law abiding gun owners in the state. The measure will both require background checks on privately sold firearms (aka “universal background checks”) and require that any lost or stolen gun be reported to law enforcement within 72 hours. The […]