Felons need to practice gun safety

Gun safety is for everyone, including lawbreakers. Here’s why:

A Desert Hot Springs man who accidentally shot himself and his son Thursday afternoon was arrested on suspicion of being a felon in possession of a gun.

Police were called to the 66-600 block of Estrella Avenue just before 2 p.m. where they found the teen and his father, Ronald Russell, 36, wounded by a shotgun.

Both were being checked at a local hospital for non life-threatening wounds from birdshot after the shotgun was mishandled inside a garage, Sgt. Jim Henson said.

Birdshot are small pellets loaded into a shotgun for hunting birds.

The investigation is continuing and no other details were immediately available from police.
Source: http://www.desertsun.com/story/news/crime_courts/2014/10/30/desert-hot-springs-man-accidentally-shoots-self-son/18213257/


The NRA Profits from T-Shirts

Those gun haters have it wrong, the NRA isn’t selling guns, this is what they’re selling:


Right now they’re offering 25% off regular prices.

And this is what the gun haters are selling:



Yeah, it’s from a site called “Queering Domesticity,” seriously, do they have to use that word? They do to gays what Fred Phelps did to Christianity.

I guess they never heard of Pink Pistols or Chris Cheng. Is this why gun haters are angry? I’m sorry boys, but “glue guns are greater than real guns” doesn’t make you look fierce, it makes you look stupid. You can’t fight crime with arts and crafts.



Insurance for Self-Defense Ad

Remember those gun haters that wanted to make it mandatory for gun owners to buy liability insurance? Well, SecondCall Defense offers a different kind of insurance, it’s insurance against overzealous prosecutors trying to make an example out of gun accidents.


Their cheapest plan is $8.95 a month, their most expensive one is $35.95 (for $7 more you can add your spouse).
Source: secondcalldefense.org/plans-and-pricing

Personally, I see it like a Dread Disease policy health insurance companies sell, if your family has a history of Cancer, you can buy a policy that includes Cancer coverage and if nothing happens, you lose money, but if something horrible happens, you save it.

Personally, I like the Defender Plan because for about $10 more, you get Expert Witness Coordination, Gun Retrieval or Replacement, and Psychological Support, something George Zimmerman could have used after the liberal jihad against him.

I also like one of their testimonials:

“A man threatened me in my own front yard and, fearing for my life, I drew my pistol. I was able to get inside my home and call 911 without shooting. I was really shaken up and when the police arrived, they acted as if I did something wrong. But I had just joined Second Call Defense and the attorney on the Emergency Legal Hotline helped me calm down and say the right things. The officer went from irritated to friendly and everything turned out okay. Thank you! You had my back immediately just as you promised.”
     – Dan B., Ohio
Source: http://www.secondcalldefense.org/why-you-need-it/member-testimonials

So the question is, do you need it? You have to make that decision for yourself. I have to think about it, it’s ironic that I can spend $10 to $20 a day on food (love eating out) but the thought of spending $19.95 makes me feel like Scrooge.

And I have to be honest with you, my family isn’t exactly pro-gun. They’re not Sarah Brady, but I don’t think they would celebrate if I ever shoot a bad guy in self-defense, I think they would be horrified, so would they bail me out? Take care of my legal expenses? I don’t know. So perhaps SecondCallDefense is a good choice, maintain your self-reliance without bothering your family. Maybe I’ll go with the cheap plan, I’ll let you know when I do.