Gun Control Groups: Gun Ads Kill People

See this Bushmaster ad?


Does it make you want to kill anyone? Gun control groups think it does:

Attorney Josh Koskoff stood before the Connecticut Supreme Court Tuesday to argue that Remington should be held accountable for deliberately marketing its guns to angry young men.

This ad above appeared in Guns & Ammo. Am I angry because I read Guns & Ammo? Are you? How would a marketer even know who’s angry and who’s not? In all my years working in advertising, I have never seen a creative brief with the words “target angry drivers” or “target rednecks looking for revolution.” Instead, I’ve targeted rural truck drivers, yoga-loving vegans, fans of martial arts movies that want to get a black belt online, etc, etc, etc.

The lawsuit claims Remington linked “the AR-15 to macho vigilantism and military-style insurrection” in order to target a “younger demographic” and increase sales. One AR-15 ad included the tagline “consider your man card reissued.” Another ad touted it as “the ultimate combat weapons system,” according to Reuters.

Adam Lanza heard their message,” Koskoff told the justices

Adam Lanza didn’t buy the gun, he murdered his mother to get it. Lanza’s mother was a woman, so maybe selling guns with masculinity works even when targeting women? Either way, the ads never say “murder a bunch of people” or “use it to kill innocent civilians.” The ads are about masculine self-reliance, and sometimes not even that, see a few examples below.

Gun ads are just guns ads, guns are just guns, it’s the shooter who decides how to use them. Remington is not at fault for the actions of Adam Lanza. His own mother isn’t at fault for what her kid did. Lanza was freak, he could have gone to a gas station, buy gasoline, and set that school on fire. He could have learned to make bombs with common household products. He could have used a knife. No gun control in the world stops a mass shooter, only a good guy with a gun can do that, and at Sandy Hook, good guys were disarmed and vulnerable.

How many more have to die in gun-free zones?

16% Of Real Estate Agents Carry Guns

Being a Realtor or Real Estate agent exposes one to crime. According to an article by the New York Post, 40-50% of their home showings are with people that have not be referred to by another agent.

Sitting in apartments and homes at publicly advertised open houses, agents can feel like sitting ducks, as they often wear expensive jewelry and drive luxury cars to meetings in secluded neighborhoods.

Over the past few years, several real estate agents across the country have been murdered, raped and robbed.

In September 2014, Arkansas real estate broker Beverly Carter was kidnapped and murdered by a couple who had targeted her for being rich.

There is one solution for people who don’t live in anti-gun States or cities.

Nationwide, the survey found 16 percent pack a pistol, 19 percent carry pepper spray and 5 percent have Tasers. But such weapons are either restricted or forbidden outright in key markets including New York City.
Source: Idem

While the FOREWARN app is a good step to perform a background check on a phone number, it will not protect brokers from criminals with no records.

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‘MOA’, or Minute of Angle, in relation to firearm accuracy refers to the capability that a firearm has to consistently deliver a grouping of shots at a particular distance. For example: One MOA = at 100 yards is a 1” group. One MOA at 200 yards is a 2” group, at 300 yards a 3” group, etc.

Sub-MOA refers to, a single group of shots or an average of several groups, that will measure less than one MOA between the two furthest shots in the group, meaning all shots fall under a one MOA.
Source: What is Sub MOA Accuracy, and Why is it Important When Choosing a Rifle?

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Black Friday Matters Billboard Upsets Snowflakes

In the advertising world, “borrowed interest” is when you “borrow” something that exists and transform it to fit your product.  Down Range Indoor Training Center borrowed Black Lives Matters and did this.

“Businesses do have the freedom under the First Amendment … but there’s a level of ‘rocking the boat’ that can be detrimental to the community,” said Rex Bell, a Chico State University student. “It seems to me that they minimalized all of the issues behind Black Lives Matter. Not intentionally, maybe, I don’t think anyone wants to be that monster, maybe they didn’t understand the impact it would have.”

People are so sensitive, this reminds me of the outcry for Black Olives Matter, a T-shirt by an Italian restaurant. I suppose a retail outlet could do Black Suits Matter, maybe a bowling alley could sell Black Balls Matter. Here’s why Down Range did it:

“As a small business, Black Friday matters – for us, we’ve been blessed to be here for the last four years, and we’re looking at it as, small business is the life blood of our economy, so we’re looking at it as, shop local for Black Friday,” Clark said.

What do you think? Would you advertise a Black Friday event this way? How would you do it?