Pro-Gun Homeless Guy Runs for City Council

Here’s an interesting candidate.

ASHEVILLE – James Bullman, who has been homeless in the city for two years, says he plans to run for City Council.

Bullman, 38, is the first to announce his bid for the fall 2015 municipal election that will feature three of the seven council seats. He said he will change his voter registration in time to qualify for the office. In the past, Bullman has lived in Asheville, but in this year’s elections he voted outside the city, he said.

To qualify as a council candidate, a person must be registered to vote in Asheville. Buncombe County elections officials said there was time for Bullman to change his voter registration.

Bullman, who said he is disabled from post traumatic stress disorder, made his candidacy known on social media. The race is nonpartisan, but he has noted his Republican party affiliation. Homelessness issues are not on his agenda, he said.

“All that is pretty much taken care of,” he said. “I know the city and the county have implemented a 10-year plan on homelessness.”

Instead, he talked about issues including promoting food growing by residents, gun-rights advocacy and reversing gay marriage rights.

He said he would also advocate for single people.

“There’s not a voice for single people. There’s a lot of voices for homosexuality. We say equal employment for everyone, but very seldomly do you hear the idea of a single person being brought up.”

Bullman served as a fundraiser for Homeward Bound, he said, helping raise $16,000.

Bullman was ordained as a Baptist minister in 2005, he said, but does not work formally with a church now. He declined to go into detail about his PTSD. He said he wanted stronger prosecution of sexual abusers and people accused of violent crimes.

As a single man and gun owner, I like Bullman, the Christian stuff I don’t like so much, this is America after all, not Iran, but a pro-gun Christian will always be better than an anti-gun Atheist. So I’ll take my chances and keep my powder dry.

LA City Council Approves Stupid Gun Storage Rules

No matter how many court victories affirm our 2nd Amendment, the 11 idiots that seat at the Los Angeles City council voted: “to make residents lock up handguns or disable them with a trigger lock when not in use.”

Does that apply to cops and criminals as well?

With this decision, Los Angeles is following in the footsteps of San Francisco. The San Francisco gun restrictions were challenged by gun owners, but were upheld by a federal appeals court earlier this year. City Councilman Paul Krekorian has argued that some Americans “think it is their God-given right to keep an unlocked and loaded firearm on their bedstand … It is not. It is not their right. It is not responsible.”

It is our God-given right (Luke 22:36), it’s also our Constitutional Right, and how we keep our firearms is none of your concern, Krekorian.

At the same meeting, Los Angeles Council unanimously voted in favor of new rules that require firearm vendors in the city to electronically send records of all ammunition sales to the Police Department. Any seller who fails to do so would be facing misdemeanor charges. Until now, ammunition vendors were obligated to keep records of their transactions for at least two years, but didn’t have to turn them over to the Los Angeles Police Department, unless specifically requested. Krekorian said that the new rules would help law enforcement check the records against databases of people barred from buying ammunition.

Not only they hate the 2nd, but the 4th Amendment has also been thrown down the window. This means de-facto gun registration and the possibility of surprised inspections by overzealous cops. That’s OK, since you don’t need a background check to buy ammo, perhaps the bad guys and those who value their privacy will pay a friend or family member to purchase their ammo for them.

FFLGuard, a group that represents hundreds of federal firearms licensees, opposed the proposed law, arguing that the rules would “only increase the regulatory burden on law-abiding retailers” and are preempted by California law.

Since fewer than a dozen council members were present for today’s vote, the ammunition ordinance will return to the Council for a second vote next week. Krekorian praised both sets of requirements as “simple and sensible steps that will keep people safe.” Grateful Angelenos can only hope that burglars, rapists and murderers will be willing to wait, while the law abiding citizens under threat proceed to unlock their self-defense weapons.

Their goal is to keep regulating our gun dealers until it becomes too much for them and they decide to close down. Well, get ready for a fight, City Council, because as long as gun owners exists in California, gun dealers will be selling their wares. You can regulate, obfuscate, create stupid rules, but there’s more of us than there’s of you, and someday all these stupid rules will be struck down by either legislators or the courts. The 2nd Amendment will prevail.

Elvis Presley .45 Tribute Gun

Viva Long Copy! Damn I don’t envy the copywriter that had to write all that. Beautiful gun, but who’s gonna read all that?


America Remembers obviously thinks people do read it since they keep advertising. Personally, I respect pretty guns even if they cost a pretty penny.

Sneaky Pete Holiday Ad

Naughty or nice, keep Sneaky Pete in your pants.


Now how about showing Santa with a holster? Come on, Sneaky Pete, the average gun owner is Christian and I know Jews who put Christmas trees in their houses, I guarantee you the only people that will get offended are Unitarians and Quakers, and frankly, do they even matter? No offense, Quakers, but your belief in non-violence only works when other people use violence to save your ass. If George Washington had been a Quaker, we’d still be British.

Crimson Trace Celebrates Armed Seniors

The ad game is an 18-45 racket, and unless you’re selling Depends, it’s unlikely your brand will feature anyone older than 45, unless you’re Crimson Trace.

Check out this awesome ad, part of “The Heads Campaign” or whatever their ad agency calls them.



Source: America’s First Freedom Issue, December 2014 Issue. and

Sure, Crimson Trace could have used a beautiful young woman, lots of things are sold with sex. But who says you can’t sell with reality? As a 39-year-old, this ad appeals to me. If she can kick ass with a Crimson Trace, so can I. Bravo for celebrating our seniors, and encouraging them to keep and bear arms with lasers.





Talahassee Democrat Wants to Ban the 2nd Amendment

Would a modern newspaper publish an article demanding a ban of Free Speech? I doubt it. Yet look at this filth the Tallahassee Democrat published:

Stop the insanity: Ban guns

Gerald Ensley, Tallahassee Democrat 8:49 p.m. EST November 22, 2014

It’s the guns, stupid.

The shootings Thursday at the Florida State University library. The shootings Saturday in a northwest Tallahassee neighborhood. The shootings at an elementary school in Sandy Hook, N.J. The shooting of Arizona congressman Gabrielle Giffords. The shootings at Virginia Tech. The 10,000 senseless shooting deaths that happen every year in this country.

Take away guns and they don’t happen.

How is it that the supposed greatest nation on earth refuses to stop the unholy availability of guns?

I’m not talking about gun control. I’m not talking about waiting periods and background checks.

I’m talking about flat-out banning the possession of handguns and assault rifles by individual citizens. I’m talking about repealing or amending the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

The Second Amendment has been misinterpreted. It says guns are permitted to a “well-regulated militia.” That means trained citizen soldiers called into action for emergencies — because in colonial times every able-bodied man was required to be a member of the militia. It does not mean everyone with $50 and a driver’s license is entitled to own a gun.

That’s what former Supreme Court Chief Justice Warren Burger said in 1990, when he called claims of Second Amendment protection of individual gun ownership, “a fraud on the American public.” Earlier this year, retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens called the Second Amendment one of the six great flaws with the U.S. Constitution. He called for it to be amended to say gun possession was only for state militias, not individuals.

Every legal opinion for 200 years denied individual gun ownership was a right — until the steady lobbying of the National Rifle Association created a climate that allowed a conservative U.S. Supreme Court in 2008 to strike down a handgun ban in the District of Columbia, and fuel the sense of entitlement of gun owners.

Gun supporters say, “It’s not guns that cause gun violence, it’s mentally ill people with guns; fix the mentally ill.” Even if those same people did not oppose government spending on the mentally ill — which they have for decades — there is no predicting when mental illness will express itself in violence.

All of those who knew FSU library shooter Myron May called him the “last person” from whom they would have expected violence. They all knew he was mentally troubled. But they said he didn’t even like guns.

You can’t prevent mental illness. You can prevent humans from having easy access to tools they can use to harm other people.

Talk about mental illness: The United States is insane about guns. We lead the world in gun ownership, with almost one per capita. That’s twice the percentage of the next closest country.

The United States doesn’t lead the world in gun violence. Just the civilized world.

According to a United Nations survey, the United States annually averages 3 firearm homicides per 100,000 population. Fourteen countries topped that figure — but they were almost exclusively Third World countries.

Among the 24 most affluent nations of the world, the U.S. is the far and away leader in gun homicides. None of the other 23 affluent nations has a rate above 1 firearm death per 100,000 population.

Gun freaks insist we need to arm more people. They glibly say shooting sprees happen in “gun free zones,” like schools and universities, where gunmen could be stopped if everyone had a gun. That theory is absurd.

Police and military train for years to use a gun competently in stressful situations – and even they don’t always respond correctly. Think Ferguson, Mo. Think Charlotte, N.C. Think New York City in 2012 where two cops shot nine bystanders as they wildly tried to shoot a man who had gunned down a co-worker.

The idea of 500 students in a college library or a dozen teachers in an elementary school pulling out guns to shoot a gunman is ludicrous. They would wind up shooting each other.

Gun freaks say if you take away their guns only outlaws will have guns. That’s a chance worth taking. Because if we ban guns, eventually the tide will turn. It might take 10 years or 20 years. Hell, it might take 50 years. But if we make it illegal to own a handgun, eventually there will be no handguns.

The same gun freaks believe in banning drugs. They believe in banning abortions. They recognize society bans certain things for the good of society. We should ban guns for the good of society.

People have romanticized guns. The Founding Fathers. The Old West. Self-defense — and never mind the average American has only a one in 250 chance of being the victim of a violent crime. It’s all a delusion. Guns kill. They kill people from a distance. They kill strangers and children who have no relationship with the gunman.

Let the hunters keep their rifles and shotguns; those weapons are ineffective tools in a mass shooting. But we need to ban handguns and assault rifles for all but police and military.

This is an uphill battle. Despite daily front-page stories of shooting sprees and killings, Americans don’t want to give up their guns. Over the past 10 years, the percentage of Americans who support stricter guns laws has dropped from 60 percent to 47 percent. In a recent survey, 73 percent of Americans oppose banning handguns.

But those of us who think widespread handgun ownership is insane need to keep speaking up. We need to teach our children handguns are wrong. We need to support any measure that limits their availability — and work to repeal the Second Amendment. We need to keep marching forward until someday this nation becomes civilized enough to ban guns.

One of the frequent refrains of gun freaks about President Obama is “He’s coming for our guns.” Obama never said such a thing. But I will:

We’re coming for your guns. And someday, we’ll take them.

Contact Gerald Ensley at 599-2310 or

Well, #1, I want to thank him for his honesty. Most gun haters won’t admit their true agenda, this guy does.

#2. He’s an idiot. ANYTHING can be used for a mass shooting, it’s just a question of reloading.

#3. Liberal Buzsfeed admits that 9 possible mas-shootings were stopped by someone with a personally-owned firearm.

#4 They banned guns in England, and they have more violence than any country in Europe

#5. We are the greatest nation on earth because we affirm individual freedoms such as gun ownership, speech, religion, etc.

#6. I don’t believe in banning drugs, and the NRA isn’t interested in drug or abortion policy. Furthermore, pro-lifers hate abortion not for the good of society, but for the good of the individual baby that’s being murdered. In fact, pro-lifers are the most compassionate people I know, if your enemy was pregnant, would you want her to have a baby that will one day grow up and kill you? A pro-lifer is willing to take that chance.

#7. In 2013, we had 32,341 firearms death according to the CDC. Keep in mind the CDC isn’t separating deaths by self-defense or crime. However, in Venezuela, a country that did ban guns, there were 24,000 homicides in 2014. That is significant because America has a population of 300 million while Venezuela only has 30 million. Venezuela’s  homicide rate stands at 73 per 100. You want to see ours?

U.S. Firearm homicides

  • Deaths per 100,000 population: 3.6

Source 2:

Source 3:

So imagine our number if we did ban guns. We already create enough criminals with the war on drugs, imagine what a war on guns would do to us. It would be like unleashing a barbarian horde and confiscating every sword.

Lastly, since some hunters hunt with revolvers and pistols, I guess we’re all going to become hunters to keep our guns.

MDP’s Recruitment Gun Ad

ministry of defense gun banner

If you want to get firearms training in the U.K., one way to do it’s to join one of the the  Ministry of Defense and someday qualify for one of their Specialist Units .  Notice the Brits are so afraid of guns that you have to create a pseudo-gun made out of objects to get their attention.


When they click the banner, this landing page:

ministry of defense landing pageSource:


But don’t worry, you won’t be shooting shoes and watches, you’ll be shooting this:



Coming Home and Finding a Home Invader

Even if the criminal steals the gun you keep at home, your concealed-carry gun can still stop the crime in progress.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) — Police said a homeowner took the law in to her own hands by stopping a burglary.

Derrick Mosley, along with a juvenile, were arrested for allegedly breaking in to a home on Shepherdsville Road.

According to a police report, the two were inside the home, taking a long list of items. Those items included a gun when the home owner came in.

That home owner pulled the pistol she was wearing on the two suspects and held them there until police could arrive.
Source with video

Good for the homeowner!

Pro-Gun Alternatives to Jay Leno

The National Shooting Sports Foundation blew it, their liberal golden boy, Jay Leno, decided to cancel his appearance after gun haters pressured him.

Here are some pro-gun alternatives to Jay Leno

Larry the Cable Guy: He’s pro-country, pro-gun, and he pissed off the Democratic Underground: “”If guns kill people, I can blame misspelled words on my pencil”–Larry the Cable Guy”

Penn and Teller: They’re magicians and libertarians, and they have a history of making pro-gun videos such as Gun Free zones and The Second Amendment.

Jackie Mason: If you think all Jews are liberal, you haven’t met Jackie. As he puts it in this video, “My position is anybody who’s in favor of gun control is a f-cking moron.”

And lastly, who doesn’t love the wit of Ann Coulter? She’s the author of several pro-gun columns including GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE, THE MENTALLY ILL DO  and NEGROES WITH GUNS among many others.