Bulletproof BMW at Moscow Motor Show


What do you do when you’re a Russian “oligarch” and you have people wanting to kill you? You get a car that can survive the AK-47, .357, and .44 Magnum.

In some regions around the world there is a big demand for armoured vehicles. The latest X5 Security Plus edition has be built to pass Germany’s VR6 protection rating at minimum, which offers protection from a .44 Magnum, including the .357 Magnum and 9-milimetre Luger, up to an AK-47 assault rifle machine gun.

Specific details on the components are yet to be revealed, however, it will come with special laminated polycarbonate windows which don’t shatter into the cabin.

Like the concept version from last year, the Security Plus is also likely to get a high-strength steel passenger cell to protect the occupants from gunfire and explosions. Speaking about last year’s concept version, BMW said,

On the outside the unique model looks virtually the same as the regular X5. This has been done so the vehicle doesn’t draw attention to itself out on the road while it is escorting the important person/s inside.

As for the engine, some modifications are expected to be made to protect it from being immobilised. The engine is BMW’s 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 as seen in the xDrive50i. It produces 330kW of power and 650Nm of torque. These figures could be boosted somewhat to cater for the added vehicle weight.

To prove it’s all effective BMW had an example of the vehicle shot at with hundreds of bullets, including shots to the panels, engine area, and windows. As you can see the SUV looks mostly intact.

Source: http://performancedrive.com.au/bulletproof-bmw-x5-security-plus-debut-moscow-2111/

Aren’t millionaires lucky there’s no such thing as Car Control? No movement to ban armored cars?  Here’s a question to all you preppers out tehre, how would you make your car bulletproof on the cheap?

Six Flags apologizes to Marine with pro-gun shirt

Social media today can bring great change:

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — A Marine who wasn’t allowed into a New Jersey amusement park because he was wearing a shirt with a red, white and blue rifle pictured on it has been given an apology.

NJ.com reports (http://bit.ly/1v9YY2J) Mario Alejandro received a phone call from Six Flags Great Adventure President John Fitzgerald on Saturday apologizing and he accepted. A spokeswoman for the park says it didn’t realize Alejandro’s shirt was related to a military charity.

Alejandro says he went to the park with his family on Aug. 9 wearing the shirt, which was a Father’s Day gift and was bought from a nonprofit that supports Marines. The shirt included the phrase “Keep calm and return fire.”

Alejandro says a security guard told him the shirt was offensive and he had to change.
Source: http://missoulian.com/news/national/amusement-park-apologizes-for-gun-shirt-error/article_0b84ef66-aea9-5919-9755-28b4b27bc51e.html

The corporate world needs to learn, this is a center-right country, most Americans love the military, 90 million of us love guns, and nobody who’s going to Six Flags is paying attention to the T-shirts of perfect strangers. It’s an amusement park, not a fashion show. I’m glad you apologized, Six Flags, next time, mind your own business, worry about things like long lines and obscene concessions prices that stop some people from buying.



Giffords the Confiscator: Four out of Five ideas involve just that


Gaby Giffords is the the Freddy Kruger of gun owners, A Nightmare on Main Street. Here’s why:

The report begins with the fairly innocuous idea of to removing “loopholes” where they exist between states and the federal government regarding information on the mentally ill. But after that, the focus turns to confiscation:

Idea Two: “Authorize law enforcement to remove access to guns, with court oversight and plenty of protections to prevent abuse of this authority.” The owner of the guns would “only” get them back once he or she was “no longer a danger to themselves or others.”

Idea Three: “Require schools, including colleges and universities, to report violent or suicidal people to a court or administrating agency.” These people would also have their firearms confiscated, but “could regain their firearms access…after a certain period of time.”

Idea Four: “Allow courts to issue ‘Gun Violence Restraining Orders.‘” These result in temporary gun confiscation.

Idea Five: “Temporarily ban those who have been involuntarily hospitalized from purchasing or possessing firearms.”


My response:

Idea Two:  People who are a danger to themselves are none of your business, those who are a danger to others belong in jail or a mental institution. Not in our streets. The guns are irrelevant. You trust them with cars, right?

Idea Three: Nobody’s going to visit the school shrink if it means getting reported. Let psychologists use their own judgement. It’s the same reason we don’t put people in jail for catching AIDS.

Idea Four: Why not a Knife Violence Restraining Order? Plastic forks for everyone!  This idea is beyond silly. Restraining orders are a piece of paper, bad people will violate them.

Idea Five: Chris Kyle was murdered by a man with mental issues, yet show me anyone in the gun rights community that wants to deny people of their gun rights?

Who’s disarming blacks? Other blacks.

I didn’t know there was a National Black Law Enforcement Executive or that they had a gun buyback program:

Tallahassee, FL – Today 28 guns are out Tallahassee and in the hands of law enforcement.

It was the result of the National Black Law Enforcement Executive’s gun buy-back program.

“We think that if we can get that one gun off the streets that could be used in the commission of a crime or it could hurt someone accidentally, those are the weapons we want to get out of the household and just take custody of, said FSU Chief of Police and NOBLE North Florida Chapter President Chief David Perry.

Each handgun was worth a $25 gift card and every shotgun or rifle a $50 gift card. The guns were taken in with no questions asked. Each person that dropped off a gun was granted amnesty and simply thanked for helping get one more firearm off the street.

“We don’t want to have any excuses for people not to get a gun off the streets we want people to get that gun out of a home or out of a situation where it could be used in the wrong way,” said Perry.

“We had two pistols that were my fathers and they’ve been in drawer forever and we have a new small child so they weren’t necessary to be accessible to her anymore, so we’re getting rid of them,” said Jason Adams of Tallahassee.

Each gun taken in will either be destroyed or if stolen returned to its owner.

There will be another buy-back Saturday August 16, at 1:00 p.m. at the Bethel AME Church on West Orange Avenue.

Source: http://www.wctv.tv/home/headlines/Tallahassee-Law-Enforcement-Buys-Back-28-Guns-271480021.html

In Georgia all guns bought or confiscated by the police must be sold at auction to gun dealers. Florida needs a similar law. Chief David Perry should be ashamed of himself, he insults his community when he says “if we can get that one gun off the streets that could be used in the commission of a crime”.  Really? What about cops? Sometimes cops commit crimes with guns, should we have a gun buyback or gun confiscation event for cops? Criminals aren’t selling their guns for $25 and $50 UNLESS don’t guns are so old and damaged that they don’t work anymore. You might as well have a tire iron buyback or a baseball bat buyback, because what you’re actually buying is a useless blunt instrument that should be sold to a gunsmith for parts.

As for Jason Adams, have you ever heard of a gun safe? A gun lock? Putting the gun on top of a cabinet? Just because you have a new small child doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your gun. How will you protect your small child when home invaders break in? What if they’re psychos who want to rape you, your wife, and your child? Too bad Jason’s dad never taught him to respect the 2nd Amendment.

Folks, if you have kids, raise them pro-gun before society turns them into anti-gun fools.

Vanity Fair is upset with My Parents Open Carry


When they’re not bashing the 2nd Amendment, they kissing Bieber’s Canadian butt.

Liberals like to control 100% of the culture, including children’s books. My Parents Open Carry has created a lot of butthurt. Which is Vanity Fair has given us a list 9 conservative books that should be written:


If You Give a Moocher a Muffin

. . . He’ll want health insurance and also a bridge to replace the one that collapsed out on the Interstate. Humorous situations reveal the slippery, not-so-humorous slope to collectivism.

The Cat in the Tri-Corner Hat Comes Back

While Mom is out shopping, the Cat swings by for another pro-Constitution rally in Sally and her brother’s living room. As the Cat explains to their panicky, liberal pet fish, “It is fun to have fun, but it is better still to uphold the 10th Amendment’s restrictions on federal power!”

The Little Golden Book of Gold

Grampa gives Suzie a shiny, pretty Krugerrand so she can survive the coming financial apocalypse. And you can too: call 1-800-GOLDLINE now! (Based on the 2011 glennbeck.com article Grampa linked to on Facebook.)

Ayn of Green Gables

In turn-of-the-last-century Prince Edward Island, a bossy, didactic orphan finds an unexpected home for her philosophy of self-interest.

The Very Hungry Departments of Education, Transportation, and Energy

A cadre of Washington bureaucrats eats its way through job creators’ earnings, only to emerge on the last page as—surprise!—Soviet-era Rumania.

Heather Has Eight Mommies

Tolerance, acceptance, and religious freedom are the watchwords in this story of about a traditional Mormon family.

Are You There, God? It’s Me, Exxon

A growing corporation realizes it has feelings too—and God and the Supreme Court are listening.

Ramon the Pest

Five-year-old Ramon is confused. He keeps crossing the border into the United States—but his real home is in Guatemala. Silly Ramon! Criminal White House immigration policy!

Are You Obama’s Mother?

A baby bird defies powerful political interests—and “lamestream” media complacency—to go looking for hard answers in East Africa.
Source: http://www.vanityfair.com/online/daily/2014/08/conservative-book-ideas

Frankly, I wouldn’t mind buying any of those books for my nephews, so in the spirit of bipartisanship, here’s my list of 9 Liberal Books that should not be written:

The Auschwitz Diet
Why kids who eat sweats deserve diet and exercise in the ultimate gun-free zone

God is Dead. Obama is God.
Why the first black president is never wrong and why you’re a racist for questioning his greatness

It’s Always Bush’s Fault
Teach your kids to never accept responsibility for their actions. Bad grades? Theft? Cheating? Not to worry, juts blame Bush.

99% Problems and the 1% Solution
Money is evil but we all want money so we should take it from the 1%

Spread the Grades
Worried about low SAT scores? By sharing the success of the few with the mediocrity of the many we create a happy world of C-students.

Good Cracker/Bad Cracker
You can’t change the color of your skin no matter how many times you visit the tanning salon, but you can learn to be a good crackers who judges people by the color of their skin. Black is good, white is bad unless he votes for Obama, and even then he’s not good enough because he benefits from white privilege.

Happy with Hamas
See the tunnels of love and missiles of goodness your favorite Palestinians are launching at the Zionist entity. Learn why it’s OK to hit others while demanding they don’t hit you back.

Gender Identity Jamboree
6-year-old Peter has decided he no longer wants to be a boy, 7-year-old Mary wants to pee like a boy, and 8-year-old Brian wants to be a boyfriend. See the wacky world where children’s wishes rule their parents.

The Vagina Revolution
First there was the monologues, then the penis responded, now the war on women has been won.