Stasi Supports Sony’s Self-Censorship

How ironic that Linda Stasi and the East German Secret Police share the same last name, and the same views:

Stasi: Sony is right in nixing ‘The Interview’ until a solution is found

It’s better to be upset that a backward country like North Korea got the better of the U.S. than to see people killed at a movie theater. Sure, no one should put the U.S. in this position, but that is another massive failure of the nation’s military intelligence. By shelving the movie, Sony is saying that the safety of movie-goers comes first.

Indeed, our founding fathers fought so we could self-censor ourselves to avoid offending tyrannical dictators.

Let’s forget all the chest-pounding, “You can’t do this to America” and “If you do this the terrorists win” rhetoric.

It’s not about any of that. It’s about the safety of our citizens. Have we all forgotten the Aurora, Colo., movie theater massacre in 2012 when psycho killer James Eagan Holmes shot up the cinema, killing 12 people and injuring 70 others? For what? For “The Dark Knight Rises”?

In response to the massacre, Warner Bros canceled premieres in foreign venues, scaled way back on promotion and canned trailers for “Dark Knight,” and even trailers for “Gangster Squad” because the preview showed the main characters shooting up a movie theater.

The terrorists did win, they won on 9/11, they won every time we take off our shoes to board a plane, Obama Bin Laden may be dead, but sacrificing freedom for the perception of security is very much alive.

Nobody protested and said our rights were being violated or that the homegrown terrorist had won. Why? Because we were fresh from the horror of the scene. We were a country in mourning.

Yes, and nowadays we don’t even have to be in mourning to self-censor, just a little threat and suddenly all the cowards are in charge.

Is screening one funny movie worth even one death? No. Not until we figure this out — and we will.

Is it better to be pissed off today that a brutal, little man from a backward, closed-off country may have gotten the better of us, or would we be better off looking at bodies splayed in movie theaters, or be ourselves the victims who get killed and maimed as had happened at the Boston Marathon?

I guess fraulein Stasi never heard of “Live Free Or Die.” And what exactly is there to figure out? The North Koreans are vindictive little excrements that can’t stand Free Speech, even outside their own country. You want to feel safe? You bring a gun. What kind of country are we becoming? First we have Obama exchanging three Cuban spies for one American, now Sony pulls out a movie they spend $80 millions to make and market, I read their projected losses might be $200 million. And for what? An anonymous death threat?

And seriously, what movie theater owner would take on the liability of showing a movie that has threats of retaliation by mass-murder associated with it? No theater owners could live with themselves if even one person were killed.

So why not tort reform to punish junk lawsuits? Have a loser-pay system like they do in Canada, then theater owners won’t have to worry about liability.

It’s true, no one should be able to put the United States in this position. But that is another massive failure of our oxymoronically named Military Intelligence. What the hell are they doing with their $67.9 billion budget?

This coming from Big Government Stasi? The truth is they’re doing plenty, far more than useless dead media reporters.  But like the cops, they can’t be on every corner, which is why we protect ourselves with guns or anti-virus.

I don’t blame Sony for getting hacked, even with the best security, there are hackers smart enough to overcome it. I do blame them for catering to the terrorists instead of standing up to them.

Mask-Free Zone? Unmask Crime is Dumb

People who wear masks are often up to no good, whether it’s a Kluxer or a G8 anarchist, they cover themselves to cover their crimes,  but if you really want to protect yourself against the bad guys, you need a gun, not a sticker. Signs don’t save lives, guns do.



Store owners asking customers to ‘unmask’

When the Good Food Junction grocery store was robbed at gunpoint last month, no one saw the perpetrator’s face.

His hood was up, the strings pulled tight.

Now with the help of police, the store’s managers want to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

“We get a lot of customers who come in with their faces covered and it makes us feel uncomfortable,” said Shauna James, a supervisor at the grocery store.

The new police initiative, dubbed “Unmask Crime,” is meant to help retailers deal with customers who refuse to take off their hoods, masks or scarves when they enter a store.

The idea is to get stores across the city to place stickers on their doors advising people they will be refused service if they don’t show their faces.

“(When) most robberies happen, everyone comes in with facial coverings — either scarves, bandanas or masks or something,” Staff Sgt. Brett Maki said.

As of late October, armed robberies in Saskatoon had spiked by 29.6 per cent compared to the same period in 2013, police statistics show.

The robbery at the Good Food Junction happened on Nov. 24. A man walked up to the till with his face covered and pointed a gun at the cashier.

Right to ask

James thinks being able to ask people to remove their facial coverings will help prevent such crimes and that thieves will be less likely to hold up a store if they know their faces will be caught on camera.

She said dozens of people come into the store every month, covering their faces with everything from bandanas to scarves and balaclavas, especially in the winter months. The police stickers on the door will give more weight to employees’ requests for people to show their faces, she said.

Maki said despite controversies in other cities like Montreal, every business has the right to ask people to show their faces.

He also said police consulted various groups before proposing the new program.

“I don’t think there will be anybody who will be offended by this. If they are being offended, I don’t have much of an answer for that,” Maki said.

While the police provide the stickers, the request to unmask is not law and it will be up to business owners to determine whether or not they adopt the practice.

Underage Self-Defense: 14-Year-Old Kills Home Intruder


Kids and guns don’t mix? With proper training, they do:


Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said the second man involved in a home break-in that turned deadly near the Charlotte/Mint Hill border has been arrested. Another suspected intruder was killed when a 14-year-old inside the house shot and killed him Tuesday night

The two intruders, who police identified as 18-year-old Isai Delcid and his 22-year-old brother Carlos Delcid, attempted to break into the home on Rolling Fields Lane just after 5 p.m., according to investigators. Isai was shot and died at the scene while police said Carlos fled

“He was coming through the window and my grandson said, ‘Stop, I have a gun.”  said grandfather George Wyant
Wyant said the suspect, Isai Delcid, wouldn’t listen. He said that’s when Isai broke through the window and his grandson started firing.

Wyant said he left the gun in the home for protection. He said his grandson fired three shots from his Glock 380. At least one bullet hit and killed the 18-year-old.

A bullet hole could be seen in the wood railing of the porch, highlighted by a police evidence marker.

Officers said the intruder’s brother, Carlos, ran from the scene but police quickly tracked him down because of his electronic monitor.


This story is no fluke, I can show you 5 other incidents of minors shooting bad guys, in fact, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you do your own Google search you’ll find even more examples of underage self-defense.