Ghana: Civilians Reject Gun Control

Ghana is a country in Africa, and while the newspaper is obviously for gun control, you’ll see how the people in Ghana are rejecting it:

2.3 million guns in civilian hands – Report

Findings of a survey carried out by the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Centre (KAIPTC) indicate that there are about 2.3 million weapons [guns] in the custody of civilians in Ghana.

The survey findings come a day after a 36-year-old man carried a loaded gun into the church where President John Mahama and his family worship.

Speaking on Eyewitness News, the Head of Small Arms and Light Weapons at KAIPTC, John Mark Poku stated that these weapons are either brought from outside the country or made in Ghana.“They are coming from within, they are coming from without and they are also part of this long stock that is already in the country,” he said.

“We are also talking about a thriving local manufacturing weapon industry but we tend to pretend that they do not exist and yet they are producing weapons for politicians, they are producing for criminals…,” he added.

In Ghana, licenses to bear arms are renewable after every December 31 of each year but the survey indicated that less than 35,000 weapons issued to civilians by the police were renewed each year, apart from 2005 when 61,778 weapons were renewed.

Mr. Poku said there are some weapons that have been issued to civilians legally but “because they have not been able to renew their licensing after some years, it becomes illegal for them to possess such weapons.”

How to get rid of guns   

Government has in the past asked residents in conflict prone areas to exchange their weapons to the security agencies in exchange for cash but these calls have not yielded any results.

In September 2014, for instance, only two residents in Bawku in the Upper East region surrendered their guns in exchange for cash.

Giving solutions to these problems, Mr. Poku admitted that “it is not easy to ask somebody who has a weapon to surrender it. You need to find out why they have the weapons in the first place.”

“They feel insecure and that is why they do that and so to address this problem you have to deal with that insecurity,” Mr. Poku added.

He said the KAIPTC is therefore recommending measures to mitigate “the potential of people using these weapons and to also ensure they use the appropriate procedures.”


Mr. Poku, it seems to me that they’ve dealt with the problem of “insecurity” by having a gun. Besides, a lot of killings in Africa have been done with machetes, “long sleeve/shirt sleeve” is not a fashion statement, but a choice the guerrillas give you when they want to amputate your arm. Perhaps the people in Ghana want to keep their limbs, which is why they keep their arms, no pun intended.

The folly of metal detectors

In Clarksville, Indiana, they’re celebrating:

CLARKSVILLE, Ind. —Officials in Clarksville, Indiana, are seeing results after stepping up security at the local town hall.

In just a little more than a month, Clarksville Town Hall Chief Bailiff Matthew Palmers tells WLKY they have prevented hundreds of weapons from entering the building.

There has been a metal detector in the Clarksville town hall since the beginning of June.

“I believe it was six cans of mace, 125 box cutters, four handguns,” said Palmer.

You might be surprised what people forget to take out of their pockets when they pass through a metal detector. But Palmer said he has seen it all in a little less than two months.

“Two pairs of brass knuckles, a stun gun and a crack pipe,” said Palmer.

In the month of June alone, Palmer discovered more than 100 knives, three handguns and a crack pipe. He said that item was confiscated.

“I am sure he was not expecting the metal detectors to be in place. A lot of people were shocked when they first saw them,” said Palmer.

He said that is proof that there is a reason for the added security.

Palmer worked with Clarksville Town Court Judge James Guilfoyle, who issued a court order banning all weapons inside town hall. To enforce it, the court purchased a metal detector.


“We are not there to confiscate property or to take things away from them. This is purely there to make it a safer place,” said Guilfoyle.

The majority of people returned their weapons to their cars and were allowed to re-enter the building. Guilfoyle said most people come to the town hall to pay sewer bills, obtain a building permit or attend town court meetings.

He hopes signs set up just inside the doors on town hall will serve as a silent reminder to think twice before stepping through security.

“You know, people do things every day that they are not really thinking about when they actually do them. That is anything from carrying your Swiss army knife in your pocket to enter the courthouse and not thinking about it, to if you are a recreational drug user, I assume that you do not really think about when you have a crack pipe with you and when you do not,” said Guilfoyle.

The bailiff tells WLKY they have already seen a drop in the number of weapons coming into the building. He adds that there were three days in July when no weapons were found.

Criminals are not going to return to their cars, a gun-free zone is a Mass Shooter Zone, all they’re doing is making Clarksville town hall safer for criminals. If you’ve seen the movie Harvey Milk, you know the crazy ex-cop shot both him and mayor Moscone by entering city hall through an open window.

“Destroyed” Australian Guns Reappear


Is Australia, they love gun confiscation, “We need a new firearm buyback before there is another bloodbath” screams the headline from one Australian newspaper, yet an article from another paper admits the futility of such schemes.

February 10, 2007

A NETWORK of firearms dealers has rorted the $600 million national guns buyback scheme, and weapons supposedly destroyed years ago have resurfaced in criminal hands in NSW.

The Herald can reveal that at least two of the so-called “phantom guns” – both pistols written off by the Queensland Firearms Registry – have been fired at the scene of separate unsolved robberies in Sydney in the past six months. Police believe there are hundreds more like them.

The buyback scheme has been credited with removing about 650,000 firearms from the streets in the past 10 years. A newly elected John Howard staked his political future on forcing it through after the 1996 Port Arthur massacre. He still regards it as one his finest achievements.

But thousands of the guns were never destroyed. The man largely responsible for the rort is Frank Curr, a licensed firearms dealer and pawn shop owner from Wacol in Queensland.

Curr paraded as a civic-minded dealer concerned about drugs and violence in his neighbourhood while secretly arming criminals across the border with an estimated 2000 guns he had been paid to destroy or render inoperable. Only 50 of the weapons have been recovered.

Curr, who was convicted last year and will be sentenced next week, was brought down by a four-year covert operation by the NSW Firearms Squad, which describes him as Australia’s largest dealer in illegal firearms.

Police say Curr used a network of 20 other illegal arms dealers in NSW and Queensland, with links to Victoria and South Australia, to flood Sydney with 1600 to 2000 guns between 1998 and 2002. At the same time, Curr was being reimbursed by the Government for supposedly destroying or rendering harmless firearms he had received from gun owners who surrendered their weapons.

Detective Inspector Albert Joseph, of the Firearms Squad, and other undercover officers infiltrated the heart of the illegal gun trade operating from Queensland. He says only a few of Curr’s guns were recovered because of steps the dealer took to obliterate their serial numbers. Those that have been found had remnants of their serial numbers that were traceable by ballistic experts.

Police alleged that Curr made between $1.6 million and $2 million before he and his network of illegal gun dealers – which included a cartel on the NSW mid North Coast and Blue Mountains – was finally shut down.

Inspector Joseph said Curr corrupted a licensed armourer into providing certificates that weapons had been rendered harmless, so the dealer could then sell them as replica pistols in Queensland, thereby exploiting a loophole in the buyback scheme.

In evidence presented to the trial, police said official statistics showed handgun violence had increased more than fourfold since 1996.

“The possession and sale of illicit firearms is the subject of intense media, political and community interest and the recent release of statistics by the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research clearly indicate the significant rise of handgun-related crimes resulting in violence,” Inspector Joseph told the court.

Both the pistols recovered in NSW were used in robberies in which only the empty cartridge cases of bullets fired were found at the scenes of the crimes.

* A man faced court yesterday after police uncovered a cache of weapons, including a rocket launcher and a hand grenade, in his Melbourne home and ute.

Timothy Robert Vivoda, 36, of Monbulk, faced eight firearms-related charges in Ringwood Magistrates Court. Army experts told the court the rocket launcher and the grenade were inoperable. Vivoda’s lawyer said the weapons were in the ute because they were to be taken to the tip.

Vivoda was remanded to reappear in the same court on Monday.

The interesting thing is that one of the criminals was a licensed firearms dealer. Again, licenses, registration, background check, it’s all BS, a bad guy is a bad guy, it doesn’t matter whether he has a license or no license. Frankly, I think he became a bad guy because his country betrayed them.

Suppose you have a thriving gun business and the government decides to shut it down. What do you do? If you’re like me, maybe you’ll go into another line of work, if you’re like him, you don’t.

I don’t care how many undercover operations they have, it’s just like alcohol prohibition, a waste of them. The more illegal guns become, the more they will be smuggled. Too bad the law-abiding people in Australia will be the one suffering. It should be John Howard and the gun-hating politicians that should be suffering, but they’ll be fine, they have armed bodyguards protecting them.