Witness Pavona Polymer Compact

I was reading a story on America’s First Freedom when I saw this  web banner.


According to the EAA website:

The new WITNESS PAVONA POLYMER PISTOL is compact, easy to load, easy to control and enjoyable to use. From its inception in the world famous Italian Valley of the Guns, the Witness Pavona offers a lightweight, ergonomic grip in a distinct, compact, smooth, sparkling polymer frame; with integral checkering and sculptured, contoured lines.

The guns are on sale at $415, and there’s a 20% off New Year’s Offer.

Click HERE to learn more or visit EAAcorp.com

Alexander Arms: .50 Beowulf

This guy looks ready to kill an grizzly.

This ad for the .50 Beowulf is very exciting, and has all the elements. The heroic hunter, the gun, the ammo, the the promise to “unleash devastating stopping power” and stop “virtually anything in its path.”

How do we know when an ad is good? When we’re bothering to read the body copy. Now I wouldn’t have written “find a dealer or purchase direct at www” because people can just go to the website and find that out for themselves. Also, nobody writes “www” anymore, if you’re going to Facebook, you type Facebook.com.  Same with AlexanderArms.com


Standard Manufacturing Adnalysis


My ad analysis of Standard Manufacturing advertising.

I rarely comment on the ads shared on this blog, because when I was a copywriter, I hated when people  would criticize my work. But this time, I can’t help myself.

Dear Standard Manufacturing, your guns may be magnificent, but your ad is BORING. You did better in the past with this ad:

Why is this ad so great? Because it has more facts and less fluff.  Your Model-B ad barely mentions anything about the gun. What’s the price? How many rounds can it fire? What should I use it for? Hunting? Defense? Answering those questions is more important than telling me about the valley of American gunmaking and how you’re not an assembly facility.

Frankly, I don’t care how my guns are made, I care about what they can do. Other times you can tell a story like this ad does below.

Or you can follow a retail format, like Gallery of Guns does.

But my suggestion to you is to find your voice. The meanest, baddest, is a good idea, but may you want to show a biker or some tough looking hombre with the gun. Maybe create a soft of Marlboro Man for firearms.

Just my opinion, don’t sue me.

Walmart Doesn’t Trust Armed Cops


You would think a gun seller like Walmart would welcome armed employees, specially cops, but at least in one store in Taylor, Pennsylvania, that’s not the case.

TAYLOR, Pa. — A Pennsylvania police officer is suing Wal-Mart after he says he was fired for carrying his police-issued gun while in the store.

While in uniform and on-duty, Michael Zuby said he stopped by the Wal-Mart store where he was employed to grab some lunch.

Zuby, who worked as security at the store, was told by his boss he had to take his gun out of the store.

According to a report from The Times-Tribune,  Zuby was told store employees are never allowed to carry a gun while on the property.

Zuby explained he was required by law to carry the gun while on-duty as an officer.

According to the lawsuit, store managers told the police department not to send Zuby to the store if police were called.

The police chief refused the request.

Wal-Mart responded to the lawsuit saying it offered Zuby a different job at the same pay rate or to move him to another store outside of the town.

Walmart has some explaining to do.


Ruger LCR Gun Ad

Ted Nugent Ammo Web Banner

I was visiting TedNugent.com when I found this:


It’s a clever advertisement, “Killer Ammo for Serious Hunters” is an awesome headline (or company slogan, I’m not sure), designed to provoke anti-gunners while pleasing gun owners. Something killer is always good, killer car, killer job, killer ammo.

Learn more at tednugent-ammo.com




Crossbreed Hand Molded Holster

Surefire XC1 Ultra-Compact Handgun Light