Ares names gun part after Obama

SAN DIEGO – A California gun parts dealer is getting national attention for selling a rifle attachment he is calling “Obama’s Blaster.”

It is an upper receiver for an AR-15 rifle.

Dimitri Karras, who owns Ares Armor in Oceanside, came up with the name and does not really see what all the fuss is about, sister-station KGTV reported.

“I don’t understand why that’s such a big deal,” he said. “It’s funny. It’s a joke. It’s entertaining.”

Karras certainly is not afraid of the government. Last March, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives raided his Oceanside shop and he says took hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of his merchandise. Personnel with the agency were there because of plastic parts used to build rifles at home.

Karras is now suing the ATF for at least 11 violations. He says “Obama’s Blaster” is simply a parody, mocking the president’s support for stricter gun control laws.

“It’s to celebrate his status as the world’s greatest gun salesman,” Karras said. He is referring to a national spike in gun sales after Obama tried to tighten gun laws.

Karras, a Marine who served eight years and did two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, said he wishes no harm to the president.

KGTV Anchor Itica Milanes asked him, “Can you at least appreciate, understand why others wouldn’t think it’s so funny?”

“I can appreciate that they wouldn’t think it’s funny and I can really appreciate the anger and the comments and them utilizing their First Amendment because as Voltaire said, ‘I might disagree with what you have to say but I will defend to the death your right to say it,'” Karras said.

There is irony in where his shop is located: on the corner of Mission Avenue and Freeman Street.

“Oh, I couldn’t think of a better street to start this business on,” he said.

This is getting him publicity, but will it get them sales? Would you like to own anything named after Obama? They think you might:

We would like to thank President Barrack Obama for being the distinguished firearms industry spokesman and salesmen of all time. We are now producing what we believe he would really want in an “Blaster.”

Much like Marvin, Barry is believed to be an alien and also was in possession of an illudium Q-36 explosive space modulator. Unfortunately for us, Barry believes that the United States is not only blocking his view of Venus, but is also blocking his social and political views with our pesky Constitution. Luckily, after 2,000 years of research and when he was finally ready to use the Illudium Q-36 explosive space modulator to destroy the Constitution and the United States, Bugs Bunny saved the day and destroyed this device!

If good ol’ Barry had been in possession of a “blaster” such as this, maybe things would have been different for Bugsy. It might have actually been Rabbit season.

In either case we proudly introduce “Obama’s Blaster.”

On sale now for $550.

Here’s something else named after Obama, perfect for a presidential dump.

One roll is sells on Amazon for $5.73.

Felon tries 2nd Amendment Defense

A Springfield felon facing new gun charges is asserting as his defense a new voter-approved constitutional amendment that reinforced the right to bear arms in Missouri.

The man is asking for his weapons charges to be dropped because he says the recently passed statewide amendment gives him a right to own guns, even though he’s a felon.

David L. Thomas, 63, is charged in Greene County with five counts of unlawful possession of a firearm on the basis that he was previously convicted of felonies.

Earlier this month, Thomas, through his public defender Dewayne Perry, filed a motion to have the charges dropped, based on the passage in August of Amendment 5.

He cited language in the amendment that says “nothing in this section shall be construed to prevent the general assembly from enacting general laws which limit the rights of convicted violent felons.” The motion emphasizes the inclusion of the word “violent.”

Thomas’ defense is latching on to that language to argue the legislature cannot pass laws to restrict the rights of non-violent felons.

Thomas’ felony convictions were for driving while intoxicated and driving while revoked. He says those crimes cannot be considered violent.

“Since the voters expanded the right to keep and bear arms and made ‘convicted violent felons’ the only felony exception, the defendant can no longer be prosecuted for these offenses as his convictions are not violent felonies,” the motion says.

Prosecutors have not filed a response to the motion.

Before the amendment passed, some experts predicted it would increase the level of legal scrutiny of charges based on older gun laws, and the laws themselves. Firearm regulations now have to withstand “strict scrutiny” — the highest level of review.

Jefferson City attorney Chuck Hatfield told the News-Leader earlier this year that public defenders in particular would be ethically obligated to challenge every gun law. Thomas’ case raising the defense is the first the News-Leader has noticed in Greene County.

Thomas has had other run-ins with the law.

He was charged in late 2012 with conspiracy to commit murder and first-degree domestic assault after police say he attempted to hire someone to kill his ex-wife. However, the February 2013 trial resulted in a hung jury, meaning jurors could not decide guilt or acquittal. At the time, prosecutors said they intended to retry the case. No new trial date has yet been set.

In the conspiracy case, Thomas was accused, with his girlfriend, Diane Greer, of attempting to hire a “hit man” to kill his ex-wife. Greer, who eventually pleaded guilty to conspiracy, actually spoke to an undercover officer who then faked the death of Thomas’ ex-wife, records say.

Thomas has been in the Greene County Jail since late 2012. He was in prison during the conspiracy crime for which Greer was convicted.

As much as I hate to admit it, he has a point. A DUI is not a violent crime, as for the hung jury trial, that speaks for itself.  The scary thing is that many people have committed felonies and don’t even know it, as the book Three Felonies A Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent points out.

Now they’re confiscating samurai swords and BB guns


Our valiant boys in blue!

A samurai sword and a BB gun were confiscated from a Radio Road home this week after specially trained police officers persuaded a man to come out of a home, authorities said Thursday.

The Ocean County Regional Special Weapons And Tactics team responded at 8:59 p.m. Monday after getting a report of a man armed with a shotgun who had barricaded himself in a home, police said.

After a brief standoff, the man came out of the residence and was taken to a hospital for evaluation, police said.

No one was injured and no shotgun was found, police said.

Now I know the story doesn’t have all the details, but is it a crime to “barricate” yourself in your own home? Otherwise known as “staying home and watching TV.”? Is it a crime to own BB guns and samurai swords? Did they confiscate his kitchen knife? What about his rat poison? You can commit suicide with rat poison, yet the Special Weapons and Tactics Teams isn’t interested in that.

Instead, they get one little report and bring on the cavalry. Not normal cops but a squad of BB gun and samurai sowrd confiscators. Oh well, I guess Bill will have to die another day.


The balls of Ball: NRA rating: F

The Chattanooga Times Free Press ran a story about the NRA giving Democrat George Ball, an F.

Here are the highlights, the rating is well deserved:

“To me,” Ball added, “gun rights are important rights, but we can’t lose sight of the fact that expanded background checks may save lives. And if we can save one child from being killed by a firearm — put in the wrong hands — then that’s what we need to do.”

Does the war on drugs saves lives? Did prohibition saved lives? Saudi Arabia may have less drunk driving than America, but they still get drunk driving, AA has chapters in the Kingdom, and alcohol is made in illegal distillers. Background checks are only a stumbling block on the law-abiding, the people Ball claims to support.


But Ball qualified that, saying, “I’m very mindful that an overwhelming number of our nation’s veterans are proud gun owners. In crafting legislation that adds additional background checks, we need to be very cautious about not putting our veterans or active military members into a Catch-22 of seeking mental health treatment and potentially forfeiting their Second Amendment rights, or foregoing mental treatment to preserve the right to own and purchase firearms.”

I see, so in a world according to Ball, only G.I. Joe enjoys his Second Amendment Rights. I support vets to, and everyone else. As much as I like Starship Troopers, I do not believe that to earn your rights you have to fight in the military. Anyone within U.S. borders has rights, period. An illegal alien for example has the right to due process, and a good judge will hear his case and deport him.

He also charged an Alexander vote on legislation expanding background checks “does not adequately address this Catch-22, and as senator, I would work steadfastly to defend the Second Amendment rights of Americans, especially our veterans, while acknowledging common-sense local solutions to the nation’s gun violence problem.”

You mean gun control? These Democrats are such cowards, they think we can’t read between the lines. Obama said pretty much the same thing in 2008, look at him now.

Asked whether he supported restrictions on high capacity magazines and “military style firearms,” Knoxviews quoted Ball as saying he would. “High-capacity magazines are used to kill more people more quickly and, from what I have read, have been used in more than half the mass shootings since 1982.”

No, having a gun-free zone kills people more quickly whether you’re using a revolver, a shotgun, a rifle, or a semi-automatic. Hey Ball, I have your campaign slogan: Kill People More Slowly- Vote for Ball.

Ball said he sees “a tremendous difference between guns used by a sportsman or a homeowner on one hand and high-powered assault weapons with high-capacity magazines on the other.”

“I grew up in Cocke County surrounded by guns,” Ball noted. “The fact is that in the wrong hands, guns are often used for violent crimes. Therefore, I support our law enforcement personnel and prosecutors who are often outgunned by criminals who use high-capacity magazines.”

I’ve shot an AR-15 with a .22 caliber, it was the last powerful weapon I have ever shot. My Beretta Nano has more power than that thing. A Judge Taurus, a .44, a shotgun, there are lots of weapons liberals claim to defend that are far less powerful than so-called “assault weapons.” I know that, and I didn’t grow up surrounded by guns, for me it was an acquired taste. So either Ball is full of crap or didn’t pay any attention to the guns that surrounded him.

He should also know that it’s extremely rare for a criminal to use tactical rifles, those are long and hard to conceal. Criminals prefer sawed-off shotguns and small handguns.

Either way, I’m glad the newspaper did a story of this. How refreshing, when was the last time you heard of a media outlet covering the ratings the NRA gives? I hope Andy Sher, the writer of the article, doesn’t get in trouble for basically letting Ball hang himself with his own words.



Teachers might get guns in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a blue state, but this is the kind of red state stuff I love:

Guns have become a very controversial subject in American politics recently and, while some lawmakers are trying to make it more difficult for a person to acquire a firearm, others are trying to make it easier on legal gun owners who wish to carry their firearms into places where guns are currently outlawed. Among the pro-gun politicians are Republican lawmakers in the state of Pennsylvania who are trying to pass a bill that would allow teachers who hold a concealed carry permit to carry their firearms onto school property.

SB 1193, introduced in November, 2013, has recently been causing a stir. WTAE in Pittsburgh reports that the overall response to the bill is “mixed.” While some believe it’s a step in the right direction towards providing a defense for school children, others, like Senator Anthony Williams, believe it’s a bad idea.

The bill, if passed, would allow the heads of local school districts to decide whether or not teachers working in their district would be allowed to carry firearms to work. Of course, there are some restrictions in the bill. The only teachers who would be allowed to carry a firearm if their district chose to allow them would be those who are concealed carry permit holders and who have been certified by a state-approved course.

Pennsylvania is not the only state to debate the subject of teachers packing guns to school recently. In July, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon vetoed a bill that would have allowed guns in schools but the state senate recently voted to override his veto.

Atlantic City Bans Real-Looking Toy Guns



Atlantic City has a lot of problems, toy guns isn’t one of them:

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Atlantic City officials have voted to ban the sale of toy guns.

While they’re just for play, some look extremely realistic and have even been used in crimes – that’s why police are trying to get them off the streets.


The toy gun ordinance which was passed early Wednesday evening bans the sale and possession of an imitation firearm – unless it’s a bright color, clearly indicating that it’s not real.

One council member says he’s gotten calls from Philadelphia and Washington D.C. and he hopes the idea catches on.



All these toy guns you saw are for sale on Amazon. Does that mean Amazon will be charged with gun trafficking if they ship them to Atlantic City?

Are the politicians insane? I get toy guns have been used in crimes, the same goes for crowbars, baseball bats, knives, etc. Are those banned as well? Are criminals going to respect the toy gun ban?

Seriously, is this how Atlantic City makes itself a tourist destination? Let’s compare Las Vegas to Atlantic City:

Las Vegas: You can shoot machine guns
Atlantic City: Your kid can’t hold a toy gun and shout “pow pow”

Las Vegas: Sparkling casinos
Atlantic City: Bankrupted casinos

Las Vegas: Infinite entertainment choices- not just gambling
Atlantic City: Just gambling and a decaying boardwalk

Las Vegas: Eat, drink, smoke, have fun!
Atlantic City: “Smoking would still be permitted in enclosed smoking lounges where there would be no gambling.”

Maybe Atlantic City will end up like New York advertising on Fox News, telling us they’re “open for business.” Too bad nobody wants to come. I’d rather go to Las Vegas where they welcome my business!

Why we pay NRA dues

You ever wonder where your NRA contributions go? Wonder no more:

(WASHINGTON) — The National Rifle Association is poised to spend millions supporting Republican Senate candidates with new ad campaigns launching Wednesday in Arkansas, Colorado, and North Carolina.

The new ad blitz, which will total over $4 million spread across the three states, is the latest in the influential gun lobby’s efforts to influence the midterm elections. The NRA is set to spend $1.4 million in the Arkansas Senate race in a new ad campaign promoting Republican Rep. Tom Cotton, NRA spokesman Andrew Arulanandam confirmed to ABC News.

The 30-second pro-Cotton spot will start airing Wednesday in Little Rock and Jonesboro and is set to run for at least four weeks.

“Our Second Amendment rights are under attack by the Obama administration. That’s why we need leaders like Tom Cotton in the U.S. Senate to fight back for us,” a narrator says in the ad.

“Tom Cotton protected your rights in Congress and abroad as a combat veteran. In the Senate, Cotton will stand up to President Obama’s extreme gun control agenda, and that’s why the NRA is proud to support Tom Cotton for the United States Senate,” the narration continues.

The NRA announced its endorsement of Cotton last week. But just over a year ago, the pro-gun rights group jumped to the defense of Cotton’s current opponent Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor. In June of 2013, the NRA ran radio ads thanking Pryor for his vote against the bipartisan background check legislation sponsored by Sens. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., and Pat Toomey, R-Pa., in the wake of the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The radio spots pushed back on TV ads launched by Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns criticizing Pryor for his vote. At the time, the NRA declined to say whether it would endorse Pryor in the general election.

Additionally, the NRA will spend $1.3 million in similar ads backing Republican Rep. Cory Gardner in the Colorado Senate race and another $1.4 million supporting Republican candidate Thom Tillis in the North Carolina Senate race.


Think about that the next time some member of GOA or SAF starts attacking the NRA. I don’t condemn them, but they don’t have the resources or the political pull of the NRA. They given us some pro-gun victories in court, they’ve done things the NRA wasn’t willing to do, but the reality is that the NRA remains the biggest 2nd Amendment political army in our country, and if the NRA falls, the 2nd Amendment falls with her.