Peace Lilies for Guns: Worst Buyback Ever

If you gave a gun, “You are a Pussy” Image Source:

The enemies of the 2nd Amendment are active, even in Columbia, South Carolina you will find them.

Anti-gun Richardland County Sheriff Leon Lott is “passionate about preventing gun violence and knows that the more action we take toward stopping it, the safer our communities will be.”

Right, so is he patrolling crime-ridden neighborhoods, arresting people? Of course not, instead:

The sheriff is partnering with the Faith Coalition on Gun Violence (FCGV) to take action and create awareness on the need to act on preventing gun violence.

On Saturday, Lott and FCGV are providing an opportunity to turn in unwanted, unsafe, unused or improperly stored guns off the streets.

I guess our good ol’ Southern jackboot has never heard of gun shows, gun stores, or even websites where you can sell guns.

Lott and the Faith Coalition on Gun Violence invites you to drop off your unloaded guns, April 19 between 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. at Washington Street Methodist Church parking lot, 1401 Washington Street, 29201 and receive a Peace Lily flower.

The Peace Lilies for Guns project is a partnership with the Faith Coalition on Gun Violence (FCGV), a faith-based, non-partisan, non-profit group that raises awareness about gun violence, its prevention and its impact on families and communities.

FCGV promotes responsible gun ownership by providing information about gun safety and security; educates the public about alternatives to violence through conflict resolution and advocates for civil discourse, cooperation and collaboration for real security and a less violent society and culture.

Sure, they promote “responsible gun ownership” by taking guns away. Sheriff Jackboot said “if we can take one gun off the streets and that action saves a life; then this program is a success.” OK, so if the person you disarmed gets shot, stabbed, robbed or raped, will you admit your program is a failure? I have an idea, Mr. Jackboot, maybe you you disarm yourself and patrol the streets without a gun.

You can bring unloaded guns to Washington Street Methodist Church with no questions asked.

Each person dropping off their guns will receive a Peace Lily as a token of thanks.

Lott said you must transport your unloaded guns in the trunk of your vehicle – a deputy sheriff will assist you in removing the weapon and will process the gun for destruction.

Frankly, this is the worst gun buyback ever, other buybacks give you cash, one from Dell gave you a computer (although frankly, who the hell wants a Dell? I don’t), yet here you get some pussy flower. Really? It’s bad enough you’re disarming people, it’s bad enough that some of the people you’re disarming are criminals that need to be prosecuted, not given a no questions asked deal, but at least give the people something better than peace lilies.

For more information on the many safety and education programs the Richland County Sheriff’s Department offers, go to or email

Want to send them an e-mail? Now you can.


Gun-Hating Columnist Shows Communist Leanings

The Chattanooga Times Free Press employs a lot of questionable people, on of them is gun-hater David Cook.

His article, “Mirror Mirror on the wall” is not about guns, but it displays subtle communist views.

Here’s a few:

Inequalities are canaries in the societal coal mine. The center won’t hold under such conditions.


We have orchestrated downtown with million-dollar condos and townhomes. Soon, construction begins on a $100 million riverfront pleasure of cottages and apartments.

Yet a stone’s throw away, there sits a housing project that needs millions in repairs.

And our city has no homeless shelter.

We are the most Bible-minded city in America. We erect 100-foot crosses by the interstate.

Yet we have obscene poverty rates. Nearly one-third of citizens live below the poverty line, almost double the national average.


We are white.

And black.

But rarely both.


Our councils and commissions and companies are headed by men. Nearly every election ballot is stuffed with male candidates.


We need a revolution, some head-turning movement that completely blows up the status quo of school-thought. Our schools need to turn into hubs of medical care, health education and cutting-edge instruction, each precisely operating off a bold mission statement that is anything but status quo.

Of course, David doesn’t have the guts to admit being a communist, yet he demands equality of results, how telling that the lovers of “diversity”, the very people who should support the variety of the human condition, despise it.

They want us to march in lockstep like little Nazis, like the Cuban Juventud Rebelde (Rebel Youth). We can’t be black and white, he wants us to be both; we can’t be poor and rich, we can’t be skinny and fat, instead he demands that we all become the same. If he had his way, every woman would become Ms. America, perhaps every man in the name of gender-equality.

I’m surprised he didn’t quote Marx, “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” Those of us that understand the evils of communism know the evil in that line. If those of us with ability work for those with needs, then having needs becomes better than having ability. This is why both communism and socialism fail, if being a loser is rewarding, why be a winner?

I invite you to visit the Chattanooga Times Free Press Facebook Page, and let them know what you think about Cook’s column.

They’ll probably ignored you, but maybe you’ll education an independent or centrist, so your efforts won’t be for nothing.


Review: A Haunted House II

A Haunted House 2 doesn’t sell the 2nd Amendment, but it does feature the shooting of a dog and plenty of irresponsible gun play, although I wouldn’t call this film anti-gun or pro-gun, the guns here are just props.

The critics hate this movie, and if you don’t watch the horror movies this film parodies, you’re going to hate it to. I on the other hand didn’t hate it, while it wasn’t as funny as the original, it had plenty of funny moments. The sex scene with a doll was worth the price of the admission, the banter between the Mexican (Gabriel Iglesias) and Wayans was funny as hell.

The last time I checked, the user reviews for this movie where 84% vs. 14% from the critics on Flixter. Critics don’t get it, they like high-brow crap like the English patient. They’re always giving 5-stars to movies the average person hates.

This movie is like Friday the 13th, a roller-coaster! It’s made for fans, not for critics. It’s made for people that actually watch all the horror movies this film parodies. If you hate horror movies, if you hate politically incorrect films, if you can’t stand a little gross humor, you’re gonna hate this movie.

But if you’re tired of PG-13 crap, if you’re ready for a funny R-rated film, maybe you’re gonna like it.

XD-S 9MM: A 4″ Gun


I like the product, but here’s what they did wrong in my opinion.

1. When you have a USP (unique selling proposition) such as your gun being 4 inches long, that’s what you put in your headline. Otherwise your ad is unnoticeable

2. Put the gun next to something that’s 4″ long or bigger so we can get some perspective of size

3. Mention ads. In real estate it’s been proven that ads with prices get 50% more calls than those without them. I’m pretty sure many gun buyers are price conscious, or at least want to know how much money they need to save to buy their dream gun

Gun Accidents don’t happen all the time

Bloomberg has been lying, this is the commercial his front organization did:

The ad depicts two kids, initially engaging in an innocuous game of hide-and-go seek, that turns deadly when the young girl uncovers a family handgun and manages to remove the safety and fire the weapon.

After a pregnant pause, the ad tells the audience, “Scenes like this happen all the time.”

Yet even the liberals at NBC aren’t buying it:

Here is a chart highlighting the various causes of accidental child deaths in this country for 2010, per the CDC:

A child is defined as a person up to the age of 14.

After crunching the numbers, we found that the top four causes are as follows:

  • Unintentional Motor Vehicle Traffic: 1,225 deaths
  • Unintentional Suffocation: 1,118 deaths
  • Unintentional Drowning: 726 deaths
  • Unintentional Fire/Burn: 308 deaths

Unintentional death by firearm isn’t even listed among the top causes for any of the age brackets, other than 10-14, which saw 26 such deaths in 2010, the latest data.

Across all age groups, there were 62 kids who died in 2010 from unintentional gunfire. That figure is actually a noticeable drop from a decade earlier, when such deaths approached 90, according to the CDC.

So this begs the question, has Mayor Bloomberg been truthful? And would 62 annual deaths really qualify as “all the time?”