When your father is against you owning guns

I’m not my father’s son, which means I’m a gun owner and advocate. My father is worried; he’s worried that because I have a gun I might do something bad with it. He thinks I’ll end up like George Zimmerman.

He’s worried I might shoot an innocent person, that I might need a criminal defense that costs up to a million dollars, that I might end up becoming a felon and excluded from ever finding a job.

He’s worried I want to own more guns in the future; he thinks two is too much, even though he admits some people collect guns like others collect stamps.

I am unable to convince him of my points of views, and he’s unwilling to read pro-gun books or pay attention to pro-gun stories. He’s not a gun control advocate, he does vote Republican, he just doesn’t care for guns.

He thinks that just because other people live their entire lives without needing a gun, I don’t need a gun. To me, that’s like removing the batteries from your smoke detector because you’ve never experienced a fire.

I mention him to remind gun owners from anti-gun backgrounds that you are not your family. You have your own life, your own values; you don’t have to be what your parents are.

My own father became a private pilot; his own father was scared to death of planes. His grandfather could have argued: “Why do you need a plane? Why not just fly commercial like everyone else?” Perhaps he followed his dream, just like I follow mine.

In the end, I’m going to stick to my guns, no pun intended. I’m not going to change. I waited a lifetime to own guns, and I’m not giving that up. If he doesn’t like it, that’s fine. I can’t stand his opera singing (another one of his hobbies), yet I tolerate it.

I don’t know how to make someone pro-gun, I know my father has been to the gun range with me, but that wasn’t the transformative experience I was expecting. Then again, not everyone who tries bowling joins a bowling team.

Keeping arms by your side


Keeping arms by your side can always be reasoned out of defense, for hunting activities or as a mere hobby. Guns and other weaponry are projected as a sign of strength, aggression and valor for many of us; however, it is not simple to fulfill all of our desires and passions! There are always certain restrictions in keeping possession of guns in almost every part of the world except for some places. Moreover, some countries allow seriously restricted capacities in this regard. There may be an exception on the basis of self – defense but even this right can get compromised in some states because of the ongoing chaos and extremism which hinders individuals from keeping even the licensed weapons leaving them confined to all the hostility around them and all this without a tool to defend their own selves! An alternate to such a situation can be opting to a substitute, which would be legitimate, authorized and equally equipped to carry out operations in the hour of need. Professional crossbow suites to perfectly fit our desired scenario! It will have the complete ability to conveniently take down a trespasser, defend you in similar unfortunate circumstances, can be equally effective for hunting activities and of course, will be able to satiate your longing hobbies. You can purchases these types of products from Backcountry and while purchasing use Backcountry coupon to save.

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