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Hillary Clinton Wants To Sue The Second Amendment


Before the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, any crooked lawyer could sue the gun industry not for defects in the weapons but for what criminals do with guns. The equivalent of suing Ford because your cousin likes to drink and drive and ended up crashing into a bunch of people, or drove off a cliff.

Why is the Democratic frontrunner taking issue with the law? The controversial measure, which was passed during the administration of President George W. Bush, effectively shields gun manufacturers from all liability for the harm caused by people who criminally or unlawfully misuse their products. And opponents of the law say that that immunity creates a disincentive for gun safety, especially at the point of sale, and keeps consumers from filing lawsuits that could result in improved gun safety.

Here’s an example of how the act has protected us:

In 2009, for instance, the Illinois Supreme Court rejected a case brought by the family of a child killed by a 13-year-old friend, who was playing with his father’s loaded pistol. The family said the gun design was flawed, but the state court ruled that the company was shielded by the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act.

That’s like suing a pool manufacturer for a drowning or a company that makes matches for a fire. The gun design wasn’t flawed, it was their lawyer who was flawed and didn’t understand the law. Our weapons work as they should, there is nothing wrong with their designs.

Lately, I’ve been reading: Unlikeable: The Problem with Hillary

Hillary is desperate to be liked by the left, yet as we have seen with the popularity of Sanders, Hillary’s in trouble. So to improve her commie credentials (as if they needed improvement), she has to go all out against the 2nd Amendment.

If she hates guns so much, she’s free to disarm her secret service. Go ahead, Hillary, tell your guards that they don’t need guns to protect you. That nice black suits with two-way radios are more than enough.

Lead by example, Hillary! You want a gun-free country? Start with your entourage.



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