Under the Bed Gun Safe

Under the Bed Gun Safe. Source: http://www.safeandvaultstore.com/amsec-dv652-defense-vault-under-the-bed-gun-safe.html

Under the Bed Gun Safe.
Source: http://www.safeandvaultstore.com/amsec-dv652-defense-vault-under-the-bed-gun-safe.html

I was reading a Guns.com article when I saw an ad for Safe & Vault Store. I clicked, and found an interesting collection of gun safes, including ingenious under the bed options.

Source: http://www.safeandvaultstore.com/gun-safe-products/under-bed-gun-safes.html

Source: http://www.safeandvaultstore.com/gun-safe-products/under-bed-gun-safes.html

Why ingenious? Because someone that breaks into your home is unlikely to look under your bed. They’ll be opening drawers, closets, but only a really-thorough criminal with a lot of time to kill would bother to look under the bed, and even then, the hassle of stealing a gun safe not to mention breaking it might dissuade him.

Check out these options:

Secure It Tactical Falcon Fast Action Gun Safe Cabinet for Rifle Shotgun + Free 52″ Dean Safe Gun Sock


Monster Vault Under-Bed Safe T1261


The good thing about buying from Amazon is that they have a friendly-return policy, you’re just paying for return shipping.  Here’s a question, what type of gun safe do you own?



Concealed Gun Licenses Drop in Ohio

Less people are getting licenses to carry a gun in Ohio, after several years of the number constantly speaking. In Wall Street terms, this is a readjustment. It’s not that gun ownership is becoming less popular, we’ve simply hit a bubble for a while, and as the article points out, those who already have licenses and renewing them at a greater number than before.

The number of new concealed carry handgun licenses issued in Ohio dropped for the first time in several years, according to a report issued Thursday by Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine.

Data provided by Ohio’s county sheriffs showed 58,066 new licenses were issued in Ohio in 2014 compared with a record 96,972 in 2013. However, more people were renewing licenses — 52,146 licenses were reinstated last year compared with 48,370 in 2013.

Fifty-seven temporary licenses also were issued for a grand total of 110,212, according to the report from DeWine’s office.

The attorney general’s office does not track the total number of active concealed carry licenses, so it’s not clear how many people can legally conceal guns statewide.

In Crawford County, 236 new licenses were issued in 2014 — a drop from 562 issued in 2013, according to DeWine’s report.

The report also said 1,412 licenses were suspended statewide in 2014. Last year was the fifth consecutive year in which the quantity of suspensions increased.

Suspensions occur when a license holder has been arrested or charged with certain offenses or if the licensee is the subject of a protection order issued by a court, according to the annual report on concealed carry handgun licenses release by DeWine’s office.

State laws require county sheriffs to report concealed handgun license statistics to the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission within the Ohio Attorney General’s Office, the release said.

Source: http://www.bucyrustelegraphforum.com/story/news/local/2015/02/27/number-new-concealed-gun-licenses-drops-ohio/24138997/


The microscopic number of supensions also points out how law-abiding gun owners are. Consider this story from 2014:

So many new concealed-carry permits were issued in Ohio last year that every resident of Dublin, Westerville and Worthington could be legally carrying a gun, and there’d still be permits left over.

The number of new permits issued was 96,972, a 50 percent increase from 2012. That continues a trend in which there have been big leaps in how many Ohioans are permitted to carry concealed weapons, data compiled by Attorney General Mike DeWine from county sheriffs show.
Source: http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/local/2014/02/28/Record-number-of-people-get-licenses-to-carry-concealed-guns.html

And yet you didn’t see a 50% increase in crime, not even a 10% increase, as a matter of fact, the number of crimes with guns is down nationwide.



Gun Control Fails in Korea

South Korea has strict gun laws, here’s how they work.

A gunman has shot and killed three people before he was found dead at a home in a city near the capital Seoul in the second such incident in two days.

Shooting incidents are rare in South Korea, which tightly controls gun possession, and the two deadly shootings this week will likely trigger a debate on whether the country should tighten its control on hunting weapons that can be legally owned.

A police official from Hwaseong City, who didn’t want to be named, citing office rules, said the victims included a policeman who was one of the first officers to arrive at the scene. The official said the suspect is believed to be the brother of one of the victims, whose wife was also dead.

Police said the murder weapon was believed to be a hunting gun. The gunman had retrieved the gun from a nearby police station about an hour before the morning shooting, the police official said.

South Koreans can obtain licenses for shotguns and air rifles for the purpose of hunting animals, but they are required to keep the weapons at police stations and use them only during legal hunting periods. It wasn’t immediately clear whether the suspect owned the gun or had a proper license for it.

The incident follows another shooting on Wednesday when a gunman shot and killed three people in Sejong City in the central part of the country before apparently killing himself. The gunman appeared to have used two shotguns he owned and had licenses for.

According to figures from the National Police Agency, South Koreans legally owned about 160,000 guns as of January, a figure that included hunting weapons and self-defence tools such as gas-emitting guns.
Source: http://www.stuff.co.nz/world/asia/66753476/gunman-kills-three-in-seoul


So what further gun control could these collectivists want?

Have a cop walk with you every time you have a gun?

NEVADA: Why we can’t work with anti-gunners


Democrats don’t think women can defend themselves. Source: http://www.mommyish.com/2014/03/10/pregnant-women-with-guns/


Sometimes a Republican like Nevada Senate Majority Leader Michael Robertson may try to please the other side by having a pro-gun bill with a few anti-gun measures, and and you’ll see later, it doesn’t do anything for his case.

The scene was the Senate Judiciary Committee, where lawmakers debated two bills related to guns. One, Senate Bill 171, would recognize the concealed weapons permits issued by other states as valid in Nevada and erase Clark County’s “blue card” handgun registration program. (That’s similar to a bill heard this morning in the Assembly’s Judiciary Committee.)

But most of the debate was over Senate Bill 175, a omnibus bill introduced by Senate Majority Leader Michael Roberson that includes a host of gun-related policy. In addition to duplicating the concealed-weapons and “blue card” provisions of SB 171, the Roberson bill would:

• Specifically define as justifiable homicide the killing of a person in defense of an occupied motor vehicle in cases where an assailant tries to enter to assault the occupants. It would also provide a qualified immunity in civil lawsuits for people who lawfully defend themselves in those circumstances.

• Establishes that the killing of another person is justified if a.) the person doing the killing knew or had reason to believe the victim was entering a property unlawfully or with force, and b.) knew or had reason to believe the victim was committing or attempting to commit a felony and c.) did not provoke the victim.

• Prohibits a person who has been convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence from owning or having in his possession a firearm.

• Prohibits a person who is the subject of an order of protection in domestic violence cases from purchasing or otherwise acquiring a firearm.



“While I appreciate that this [Roberson’s] bill attempts to address some domestic violence issues, I cannot support it in its current form,” Smith said in her statement. “Expanding ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws will make this state a more dangerous place for all Nevadans, particularly women who are so often the victims of violent crimes. I urge the Judiciary Committee to instead hear SB 187, which will give domestic violence survivors the protection they deserve.” –
See? These domestic violence hypocrites aren’t really interested in protecting women, they just want to ban guns or stop pro-gun laws ever being passed.
To Democrats, women are victims that can never get a gun or take care of themselves, so society must protect them by punishing the evil men. Never mind that misdemeanor is not felony, never mind that an order of protection has more to do with the fears of a person than the reality of being endangered. Even when Robertson tries to give the other side something, they reject it. So as you see, it’s not Republicans that don’t compromise, Democrats are the ones that believe that when the other side doesn’t bend over and get raped by them, we’re not compromising.
Fine by me, we’ll just pass the laws we want with the majorities we have, we’ll override vetoes, we’ll sue you and win in court if we can’t win in the legislatures.

Shoot Real Machine Guns near Disney World

machine gun america

Walt Disney World is fun, but even the biggest Disney fans need a break from all that Rated-G goodness, that’s where   Machine Gun America comes in.

NEW YORK (CNN) – Not far from Walt Disney World, you’ll find one of central Florida’s newest tourist attractions.

There are no rides to be found. Instead, visitors can pick up powerful assault weapons and blow off some steam while blowing away targets. This brand new, 13,000 square foot facility is just a few miles from Disney World.

Karen Rocheleau and her husband brought their 17 and 13-year-olds to Orlando to go to Disney.

Then they spotted Machine Gun America, “It’s like wow, this is crazy, we just shot guns. Big guns! Yeah, big guns and in the room other people were shooting bigger guns and that was nerve-wracking,” said Karen Rocheleau.

Rocheleau’s husband and older son also fired several weapons. The 13-year-old only watched.

“I was glad that I didn’t let Jacob do it, ’cause he was just 13 and it is very powerful,” said Karen Rocheleau.

Very powerful and very popular with adults. Since opening its doors in December, Machine Gun America says only 6 percent of guests have been minors.

“We’re not openly advertising or marketing to 13 year olds,” said Wes Doss, Director of Safety and Training, Machine Gun America.

Children 13 and older can only come inside with a parent or legal guardian. However, Dr. Alan Delamater says even exposing young teens to this environment is dangerous.

“It’s another family gaming activity, right? Wrong. I don’t think it’s just another activity. I think this is something that can seriously affect child development and not in a good way,” said Dr. Delameter.

He points to the incident last year at an Arizona shooting range where a 9-year-old girl firing an Uzi accidentally shot and killed an instructor. At Machine Gun America, Wess Doss says children under 13 aren’t even allowed inside. 13 to 16 year olds are only allowed to shoot a submachine gun as long as it’s not in fully automatic mode.

“Is there ever a reason for a 13-year-old to shoot one of these weapons?”

“We leave that up to their parents to make that decision,” said Doss.

In addition to those ranges, Machine Gun America also has several law enforcement-grade simulators, where you can use a fake handgun that has a laser. Teens can use those simulators but they still need their parents’ permission.
Source: http://wwlp.com/2015/02/25/machine-gun-range-only-a-few-miles-away-from-disney-world/

I doubt Dr. Delamater has ever shot a gun in his life. I wonder what’s his take on hunting, fishing and mudding?

But never mind here, right now if you like MGA’s Facebook Page, they give you a $25 discount, and you’re gonna need it. They don’t want you to bring your personal guns, you have to rent theirs. But that’s OK! It’s not like the average Joe owns AK-47’s, suppressed handguns, and other NFA and non-NFA weapons. And it’s not like most Orlando visitors who flew into town brought their weapons.

As for people who are afraid of shooting real guns, check out the “virtual simulator” below. There you can shoot anything from zombies to gangsters and cowboys. I hope that’s cheaper than shooting real guns, because I certainly have more fun with real guns, but whatever rocks your boat.


Ready for Gun Woman?


Here’s a new movie from Korea:

A brilliant doctor on a quest for revenge buys a young woman and trains her to be the ultimate assassin, implanting gun parts in her body that she must later assemble and use to kill her target before she bleeds to death.
Source: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3141912/

Sounds fun! Now let’s watch the trailer, and no, you don’t need to speak Korean to enjoy it.


What do you think? I think it’s gonna be better than Old Boy.  I did a search on Amazon, and while I couldn’t find it, I did find this.


For for the whole family!

Bank Robbery Can Cost You… Even with a Toy Gun

Robbing banks like kidnapping, is a federal crime, and it doesn’t matter if you use a toy gun. This story takes place in Royal Oak, a city near Detroit.


A 62-year-old Ypsilanti man allegedly used a toy handgun to rob the PNC Ban, 1710 E. 12 Mile Road, Tuesday morning, police said.

The suspect entered the bank about 9:45 a.m., approached a teller, brndished the gun and demanded the money.

A customer inside the bank confronted the suspect and attempted to subdue him, police said, but the suspect broke free and fled to a vehicle he had parked several blocks away.

Several witnesses called 911 and provided responding officers with the suspect’s description, direction of travel and vehicle information. Employees from the Royal Oak Department of Public Works also gave chase on foot.

“If not for the witnesses quickly calling police, it is likely this suspect would have gotten away,” Royal Oak Police Chief Corrigan O’Donohue said. “ I would like to commend all the witnesses, including Royal Oak’s own Department of Public Works employees who briefly pursued this suspect on foot.”

The suspect i was arrested for armed robbery, which carries a maximum penalty of life in prison. The suspect has a criminal history which dates back to 1970, police said, including prior convictions of felony possession of a concealed weapon, felony larceny in a building, felony larceny from a vacant building, and bank robbery.

Source: http://patch.com/michigan/royaloak/man-allegedly-uses-toy-gun-hold-royal-oak-bank

Frankly, I think this criminal will be better off in jail. At 62, it’s not like he has a lot of career prospects. Seriously, who robs a bank with a toy gun? Might as well rob it with a toy grenade like the one below. For pretend play, kids, not crime.

Lot of 4 Kids Toy B/o Grenades for Pretend Play