Dead Teachers Pay No Dues

In North Dakota, the teacher’s unions and other representatives are speaking against armed teachers:

“Frankly, I am appalled that there are people who actually think we should equip school personnel with guns,” Jon Martinson, executive director of the North Dakota School Boards Association, told the House Education Committee, which act on either bill.

House Bill 1195 – similar to a bill that lawmakers shot down in 2013 – would allow a Class 1 concealed weapons license holder to carry a concealed firearm on school property with permission from the governing body of the public or private school.


Nick Archuleta, president of North Dakota United, said members of the teachers and public employees union would rather the state support a multi-pronged approach that includes remodeling schools to make them safer, hiring SROs in schools that want them, hiring more counselors and social workers trained to recognize signs of distress, and investing in mental health services.

“Teachers are not law enforcement professionals,” he said. “Teachers are there to nurture students.”


So here’s my message to them, if you want your teachers to keep paying union dues, you have to keep them alive. We can’t afford a cop on every classroom, so why can’t you let the  pro-gun teachers carry guns?

Besides Kiefert, the only person to testify in favor of the bill was Paul Hamers, a municipal judge, concealed weapons permit test administrator and president of the Napoleon Education Association, who said the role of first responder is vital in active shooter situations.


“I think, tragically, we would have to have an active shooter event before school boards would rush to arm people,” he said.

See? Some people get it. How many dead teachers do we need for you to support the 2nd Amendment? Pakistan on the other hand, doesn’t have a 2nd Amendment, but they have realized then gun-free zones don’t work.

Armed to the teeth with handguns and assault rifles, these are the Pakistani teachers trained to kill in defence of their classrooms.

Following a government announcement that teachers in Peshawar, Pakistan, will be armed and receive combat training to ‘engage’ terrorists, this is the first group pictured to undergo their instruction.

The initiative is a response to the December 16 tragedy in which a group of terrorists stormed the city’s Public Army School, massacring 145 people, including 132 schoolchildren.

Either way, I am confident that our side will win. Today most Americans favor the 2nd Amendment, don’t believe a gun in the home endangers you, own more guns than ever, have more concealed licenses than ever, and even more women are shooting than ever before. The momentum is there, and whether we have to fight in the legislatures or the courts, we’re going to win. The important thing is to keep our politicians accountable, they need to remember that liberal newspapers don’t elect them, We The People elect them, and we can throw them out.

Arm Victims of Domestic Violence

Here’s an anti-gun meme I found today:


So what are you doing, Ms. Victim? Why aren’t you buying your own gun, packing a bag, getting out of that house? Call the cops! His speech could constitute a threat.

The truth is he doesn’t need his gun to make you disappear. Men are usually stronger than women, the strongest female bodybuilder will never be as strong as the strongest male bodybuilder. So if your husband wants to make you disappear, it seems to me you should disappear before he gets his chance.

Open Carry Bananas

gun rights bananas

What better way to show the stupidity of anti-gun laws than by putting bananas in your holster?

AUSTIN — Pushing to keep their issue at the forefront but promising to stay peaceful, gun rights activists rallied Monday at the Texas Capitol to support open carry of handguns without a license.

A similar rally by a different group two weeks ago raised tensions after a confrontation between activists and a lawmaker resulted in House members voting to make it easier to put “panic buttons” in their office to call security.

On Monday, the most notable sign of protest at the Open Carry Texas rally was the sight of gun holsters stuffed not with weapons but with bananas, rolled-up copies of the Constitution and cans of hairspray to protest restrictive gun laws.

The holster on Jason Green’s right hip carried two bananas, with “Smith” written on one of the peels and “Wesson” on the other.

“I want to call attention to the ridiculousness of the laws in Texas,” said Green who’s from Texarkana. “It’s a little silly, bananas, if you will, that I can’t carry a handgun at my side.”

Texas hasn’t allowed open carry of handguns, with or without a license, since right after the Civil War. Lawmakers are considering several open carry bills this year and most of them would require a license similar to current concealed handgun requirements.

Monday’s rally was to support the right to carry handguns without a license, also called “constitutional carry.”

Rep. Jonathan Stickland, a Bedford Republican who is the House sponsor of a constitutional carry bill, said the right to bear arms “comes from God Almighty.”

“Liberty is popular in the state of Texas. It’s almost something that’s put into our souls,” Stickland said. “It certainly applies to the Second Amendment.”

About 75 activists attended the event. They also planned to visit all 181 state lawmakers.

An open carry rally by the group Come and Take It Texas on Jan. 13 grabbed headlines when activists got into a heated exchange with Democratic Rep. Poncho Nevarez of Eagle Pass, who asked them to leave his office. C.J. Grisham, founder of Open Carry Texas, urged Monday’s group to be direct but respectful.

“It put a bad taste in mouths of lawmakers about open carriers,” Grisham said of the previous incident. “I’m very worried about the prospect of getting open carry passed.”

Missing from Monday’s rally was the open display of heavy weaponry such as assault rifles and shotguns that have been prevalent at so many open carry events in recent years. Texas allows the open carry of rifles.

Texas has more than 800,000 concealed handgun license holders who are allowed to bypass metal detectors and carry their weapons inside the Capitol. But security does not allow the display of long rifles inside the gates leading to the Capitol grounds.

Many of those attending the rally said they don’t have concealed carry licenses because they believe they shouldn’t have to take a class or pay a fee to be allowed to carry a gun.

“The fear of the gun is ignorance,” said Felix Cano of San Antonio.


Gun Rights Coming to Texas Colleges


Two Republican senators say a proposal that would allow college students to carry guns on campus already has enough support to pass the upper chamber.

Sens. Charles Schwertner and Brian Birdwell said Monday 19 senators have endorsed their bill. It would allow students, faculty and staff members with concealed-handgun licenses to carry guns into campus buildings and classrooms.

The issue has sparked fierce debate in previous legislative sessions, but never became law.

However, a rules change championed by new Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick reduced the threshold to debate Senate bills from 21 to 19.


Let’s wish them luck, they’re gonna be facing a lot of negativity from the usual suspects, but with a little guts, this can happen.

One Gun A Month Bill Fails in Virginia

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) – A series of gun control measures has been defeated by a Republican-controlled Virginia Senate committee.

The Senate Courts of Justice panel voted Monday against bills aimed at beefing up Virginia’s gun control laws. The proposals include limiting handgun purchases to one a month and closing the so-called “gun show loophole” that allows sales by private sellers without a criminal background check.

Committee chairman Sen. Thomas K. Norment, Jr. said at the hearing that a bill to make it illegal for those convicted of certain violent crimes from transporting or possessing guns had passed the committee. But the General Assembly’s database of vote results later showed that the vote failed by a large margin.

The panel also voted to allow gun owners to obtain a lifetime concealed carry permit.


McCauliffe must be pissed. Unlike Obama, he cannot govern by decree, he has to go through congress. The 2nd part of the bill about violent crimes, is irrelevant to. Felons are not allowed to have guns, that’s federal law. The last thing Virginia needs is redundant laws.

Lifetime concealed carry permit sounds great.

Jury Selection begins for Chris Kyle’s Murderer


A murder trial is set to start next month for the man accused of killing former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, the man whose life inspired the Academy Award-nominated film “American Sniper”.

Marine veteran Eddie Routh is accused of killing Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield at a Texas gun range in February 2013.

Routh’s trial is slated to start on Feb. 11, pending a jury selection.

Prosecutors will not be seeing the death penalty, according to ABC News.

“My client will plead not guilty by reason of insanity,” Routh’s attorney, J. Warren St. John said in an interview with People Magazine last week.

St. John hasn’t returned a request for comment from ABC, however in previous interviews he’s stated he is concerned about getting an impartial jury because of the recent film “American Sniper.”

“I think any case with significant publicity has an issue with picking a jury. I’ve had them in the past, and anything that has significant national attention makes it hard to pick a jury,” St. John told People Magazine.


I haven’t seen American Sniper, yet I don’t think I could be impartial. Chris Kyle was shot in the back by a man he was trying to help. He’s pleading insanity because he has no real defense for what he did. It’s not like he can claim that Kyle tried to kill him.

And why aren’t the prosecutors seeking the death penalty? Death should be punished with death? If Eddie Routh is sentenced to life in prison, he still has his life, and unless it’s one of those horrible places where you’re kept in lockdown for 23-hours a day, he’s still getting more than what he deserved.

Frankly, I think when it comes to punishments, the Romans had the right ideas. If you were caught stealing, you were flogged, no long sentences, just a nice whipping. If your crime was worse than theft, maybe you’d be sentenced to fight in the arena as a gladiator. And if your crime was truly heinous, then crucifixion was the punishment, which is one of the worst ways to die.


Self-Defense with Crossbows

If it can kill a deer, it can kill a burglar

If it can kill a deer, it can kill a burglar

When you think of crossbows, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

It probably isn’t self defense, instead it’s probably sports shooting or hunting.

But for those rare few, that use crossbows as personal self defense, it’s an excellent way to protect yourself effectively and efficiently.

Lets back up a little though.

For all those states where there’s strict gun laws, crossbows are an excellent alternative.

And I’ll explain why right below.

Constantly buying ammo really does add up, and like I mentioned above if your states “hates” you for getting guns (aka local gun enforcement), you can use the same bolt from that crossbow over and over and over again, more importantly, you don’t have to spend a fortune on a crossbow just to make it effective.

How does spending less than $300 on a crossbow sound, and make it powerful enough to knock down a grizzly bear (with the right combination of bolt and broadhead.) One GREAT example of a crossbow that’s killing it in the consumer market for multiple reasons is the Barnett Jackal.



A few good reasons for it is the $250-$300 price point.

It’s pretty light weight and compact for that matter, at about 6 lbs.

It comes with a nice, red dot sight which is MUCH better hitting your targets.

It may be a little awkward carrying it around with a strap, but placing it on the back window or trunk is ideal.

Or maybe even at home in the downstairs close or by the bed side have the cocking rope mounted and ready to be cocked in a moments notice.
(Remember to never leave the crossbow cocked for a long period of time, to prolong its life.)

Now, there’s a ton more you can buy that can be cheaper and that can be more expensive.

But remember, customer reviews count more than anything when buying these things.

So, if this sound good to you… read crossbow reviews at

Pennsylvania’s Act 192 and NRA targets Anti-Gun Towns

Pennsylvania’s Act 192 is a number you’re gonna want to remember, because it allows the NRA and pro-gun groups to sue anti-gun towns and cities that choose to ignore the 2nd Amendment. Kudos to Warminster for doing the right thing.

Warminster has repealed its ordinance prohibiting the carrying and discharge of firearms on township property, following a long list of municipalities that have taken similar measures to ward off potential litigation.

By doing so, the township is in accord with the state’s new Act 192 to ensure that firearms laws are uniform across the commonwealth.

Warminster’s move on Thursday night follows that of several other towns. If a municipality doesn’t comply, it could be taken to court by the National Rifle Association and other gun rights groups for regulating firearms. A municipality that loses a challenge to its firearms law is required to pay damages and legal fees to the winning side.

“This simply means that Warminster’s laws comply with the commonwealth’s,” Supervisor Tom Panzer said.

After the board voted 5-0 for the repeal, Mary Eberle, the township’s solicitor, said the board doesn’t have “a lot of discretion in this matter” and didn’t believe the move would compromise public safety.

“Before, you couldn’t carry a weapon in a public place under our ordinance,” she said. “Now you can with proper permits.”

In response to a resident’s complaint that the township is being “dictated” to by the powerful gun lobby, Eberle said, “Yes, it’s very disappointing for the state to impose regulations in what could happen on township-owned property, but it is what it is.”

Not all municipalities have allowed the state to take the lead on this issue. Philadelphia and Lancaster are suing in Commonwealth Court to overturn Act 192 on the grounds it was tacked onto legislation dealing with the theft of metals, in violation of the state constitutional requirement that a bill deal with a single subject.

While the appellate court has not yet ruled, the state Supreme Court in 2013 overturned a 2011 law allowing counties to abolish jury commissioners because it was added to an unrelated bill despite the single-subject rule. The Legislature had to pass a new law dealing solely with jury commissioners.

When Doylestown passed its repeal, Mayor Ron Strouse expressed outrage that the Legislature hampered the ability of municipalities to protect residents. The law “is virtually inviting lawsuits by citizens and organizations,” he said.