Colion Noir is looking for a few good Gun Carriers

If you’re not shy, Mr. Noir will let you show his huge audience how you carry your gun. 1. Email a picture of how you’re carrying to 2. Name the gun and caliber, along with any other information you care to share that can be seen in the picture (holster, belt,watch, phone, purse, clothes, shoes, […]

Colion Noir Pulled Over in Texas.

  From Colion’s Facebook page: Got pulled over for speeding. Officer: Where are you going in such a rush? Me: Back home to do some work (Handing him my ID and CHL) Officer: Where is the gun Me: One in the bag in front of you, one on my right hip, and an AR15 in […]

LA Times covers Colion Noir

If you become famous online, the liberal media will eventually cover you. I must say that the LA Times did a fair job, you can check the article for yourself here.,0,3571136.htmlstory I only take issue with the following statement which belong in the editorial section. “Perhaps Noir’s rise says more about the NRA’s acceptance […]