Dude in Distress Saved by Armed Girl

“Real men use their fists,” the anti-gunners like to tell you. Well, a real man tried that and he got his throat slashed, although not deep enough to kill him. And who saved the day? The girlfriend. No damsel in distress here, just a damsel with firepower. That’s why when it comes to self-defense, Real […]

Pro-Gun Florida Stories

Florida has been in the news again over some guy who shot some unarmed teens (unarmed but dangerous nevertheless), so the next time some freedom-hater whines about stand your ground or some other BS, share the following links with him: [Video] Florida Homeowner Uses AK-47 to Shoot and Kill 1 of 3 Armed Home Invaders […]

Car Dealer Mass Shooting Stopped by Gun Owner

The FBI considers 4 dead people a mass shooting, here nobody died:   During an incident in Taylor County, FL yesterday, at a car dealership, our good guy came in the form of a Taylor County Sheriff’s Deputy who was getting his car serviced at the dealership. Deputy Robert Lundy was waiting for his vehicle […]

NAFGR publishes Guns Save Lives list.

Besides this cool graphic:   They also published: West Virginia: Neighbor Stops Home Invaders by Shooting One and Holding Other at Gunpoint   Alabama: Guns save lives again   Washington: Homeowner with a firearm stops thug who broke into his house   Ohio: Man with a firearm stops thug   Virginia: 76-year-old man with a […]

26 Losers Protest at NRA HQ.

Some people need to get a life. WASHINGTON — The morning after 20 children and six adults were gunned down at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn., Fairfax County, Va. mother Klara Bilgin drove to the nearby headquarters of the National Rifle Association. There, she stood in the cold with her husband and two sons, […]

Woman Shoots 1 of 2 Armed Home Invaders Who Shot Another Resident in the Face.

Imagine how this would have ended if she didn’t have a gun: “A woman in a Gainesville, FL home may have saved her own life as well as the lives of two other people in her home as well. Two armed men burst into a Gainesville, FL home. They shot a man who was sleeping […]