Is Lifelock Ashamed Of Advertising With Guns?

This ad from Lifelock was in the NRA’s magazine- America’s First Freedom. Notice something missing? Why a fisherman? You’re not advertising on Field & Stream, but on a magazine that’s 100% about the 2nd Amendment. The NRA logo is nice, but if would be nicer if Lifelock’s advertising agency could stop bringing their biases to […]

LaPierre Praises Liberty University

Liberty University is a Christian school, that means you can’t smoke, can’t engage in pre-marital sex, can’t do many things, but here’s one thing you can do. National Rifle Association Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer Wayne LaPierre on Wednesday praised Liberty University for a recent decision allowing eligible students to carry concealed handguns […]

Game Informer Attacks NRA: Claims they Supported Racist Gun Control Laws

Besides guns, I love video games, that’s why I get Games Informer. What I wasn’t expecting to get is lies about the NRA in a review by Matt Bertz about Mafia III.   Read it here: Excuse me? The NRA wasn’t even involved in legislation until the Gun Control Act of 1968 was proposed, back […]