FREE Shotguns in Florida.

  This is great news: “A gun group is offering free shotguns to residents in Florida, billing it as a way for people to protect themselves against crime. Members of the Florida chapter of the Armed Citizen Project, which is based in Texas, began advertising the program on fliers in the Sunshine Gardens neighborhood near […]

A Tale of Two Ladies.

One lady had a gun, the other one didn’t. This story illustrates why everything liberals say about guns and gun owners is wrong: “Vickie Rock, 50, was visiting the home of her boyfriend at the Grand Oaks Apartments in Riverview, FL when she heard screaming as well as glass breaking. Rock ran to investigate the […]

LA Community Colleges Welcome School Shooters.

Attention psychos and criminals in California, are you in the mood for murder? Want to go off with a bang? Then good news for you! Gun massacres are now easier than shooting fish in a barrel. “The Los Angeles Community College District’s nine campuses will be gun-free zones, according to a resolution passed this week […]

Schumer tries to be a copywriter.

Gun-banning Schumer knows that those ridiculous ads from Mayors Against Illegal Guns are hurting his cause. “Here’s what he thinks that advertising should look like: “An ad that I’d like to see would say something like, ‘Hi, my name is Joe Smith. I own Jones Gun Shop in Winnemucca, Nevada. And I’m an N.R.A. member. […]

Square Turns Against Gun Owners.

“Columbus, OH –( The popular mobile payment company, Square, Inc., has recently changed their terms of use and will no longer allow the use of their product for firearm sales, ammunition, firearm parts, and any other associated materials which they say are “designed to cause physical injury”. Read more: Hey Square, even though I […]

Council on Foreign Relations Blames America First.

I believe that in spite of Obama, America is still the greatest country in the world. But that’s now how the Council on Foreign Relations sees it. “Lax U.S. gun regulations are enabling the international trafficking of high-powered weapons and fueling the spread of gun violence in Latin America and the Caribbean, the Council on […]

How to profit from Gun Buybacks.

In Racine, Wisconsin, “one person had purchased 7 BB  guns new at Walmart to turn in at the event.  Only 77 guns were turned in altogether. The source says that the BB guns were purchased for $120 and turned in for $350.” A 300% profit plus the opportunity to rip off a liberal? I love […]

Bloomberg Continues to Bleed as More Mayors Jump Ship.

Schadenfreude! 50 members of of Bloomberg’s gun control gestapo have quit. “Nashua Mayor Donnalee Lozeau says she called it quits after the group launched television attack ads against New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte. Ayotte voted against legislation that would have expanded background checks to cover almost every gun purchase in the country. “I said, ‘Wait […]