Moms Demand Action Hires CANADIAN Advertising Agency

The advertising industry is full of liberals, yet when Moms Demand Action made this ad, they didn’t react well: I’m trying to preempt larger gun control arguments because I’m not out to change anyone’s opinion and I’m not going to change mine either. Any time there is a public policy lobby they are motivated as […]

Size matters to gun haters

I’m not making this up… Marina Lambrou, owner of the Boston Pizzeria on Woodruff Road, said she knew some of her customers had permits to carry concealed weapons before the law changed in February to allow permit holders to take their guns into establishments that serve alcohol. …Erin Dando, leader of the South Carolina Chapter […]

Weisser Thinks MAIG & MDA will become stronger than ‘gun lobby’

Mike Weisser is a double-agent and a deadbeat who owes money to AmmoLand, he makes a living selling and training people how to use guns while demonizing them in his own blog and at The Huffington Post. Why has his Lifetime NRA membership not been revoked is beyond me, perhaps my brothers in arms like […]

MAIG & MDA Join Forces.

Russians talk about the “devil’s grandmother,” but here in America it’s gun-hating mad mothers we have to watch. Outgoing New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s Mayors Against Illegal Guns on Thursday will announce that it is joining with Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, a year-old grassroots campaign launched the day after the […]

Gun Lovers offend New Republic with “Misogynistic” Meme.

Feminists can call us all kinds of names: cavemen, chauvinist pig, dog, they can even attack our hormone, Testosterone, they can even say that if women ruled the world, there would be no wars. Ha! I guess they never heard of the Amazon Warriors or the Spartacus Rebellion Yet when we give gun-hating feminazis a […]

Revealing quote from Moms Demand Fascism.

Moms Demand Action is having a rally against “gun and domestic violence,” nice move, linking two issues that have nothing to do with one another. Here’s a revealing quote: “”My daughter felt powerful, she always felt like she could hold her own. But when he decided to use that gun she lost her power,” said […]

Moms Demand Fascism Targets Staples.

A few months ago, gun owners were boycotting Staples because a gun seller was excluded from a contest. This time, it’s Moms Demand Action that are trying to do to them what they did to Starbucks. “Last month there was an accidental shooting at a Staples in North Carolina, and there have been other incidents […]