Concealed Carry for 20% Less in Mississippi

Constitutional carry is the ideal, but who can be angry when pro-gun Mississippian legislators are proposing to reduce our carry fees by 20%?

Guns: Senate Bill 2394 would reduce the concealed-carry gun permit fee, from $100 to $80 for honorably retired law enforcement officers, disabled veterans and active duty military members. It would also reduce the renewal fee from $50 to $40 for people younger than 65 and from $25 to $20 for people 65 and older. Active-duty military members would be added to the list of those getting free renewal, joining honorably retired law enforcement officers and disabled veterans. The bill has passed the Senate and awaits work in the House.


Too bad the reduction is only for seniors and heroes, what about the rest of us? This is why I don’t like it when the government plays favorites, but then again, I’m not angry our seniors and heroes can get a break, I just wish the rest of us could get a break as well.

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