Piers Morgan “Shooting Straight” Meme

Piers Morgan was born in a gun-hating country, became a gun-hating brit, and now is a Green Card resident of the US of A, not an easy feat for most legal immigrants by the way,  yet instead of dropping that slavery-loving baggage from the UK, he has brought it with him. Instead of becoming an […]

Law-Abiding Criminal Meme.

Ironically, some of the gun control laws they like to pass might turn us into criminals without even knowing it. Here’s an interesting letter to the editor on the subject: SAFE Act makes criminals out of law-abiding citizens Source: http://www.buffalonews.com/opinion/letter-safe-act-makes-criminals-out-of-law-abiding-citizens-20131129 The NY SAFE Act should be called the SAFE Criminals Act, for only criminals are […]