Dan Patrick Pro-Gun Ad.

Dan Patrick’s TV commercial, is fantastic, click on the link if you want to watch it. “This is not Tokyo, this is not Finland, This is the United States of America, … and in America, where law-abiding citizens have guns, crime is down.” And the announcer closing with: “Fight Obama, Defend our Second Amendment Rights,” […]

Pro-NRA Ad from Remington.

Powerful visual, patriotic headline, and who doesn’t like getting something for free? The NRA has 5 million members, if 80 more would join we’d be unbeatable. Look at the AARP, nobody f-cks with them because there’s millions of them. 5 million NRA members is powerful, 80 million more would be freaking awesome!

Brilliant Pro-Gun Magazine Ad.

Love it! A beautiful black background with a sexy hand with red nails holding a firearm. It is indeed a “Ladies’ Home Companion.” Of course, since more women are getting concealed carry permits, let’s call it “Ladies’ Best Friend” or “Ladies’ Knight in Shining Armor.” Well done, FNHusa.com.