Everytown Uses Kids In Anti-Gun Videos

Everytown for Gun Safety is running out of ideas, that’s why they have released a video: “highlighting some of the most out-there statements by National Rifle Association executive vice president Wayne LaPierre, all read by children.” Source Of course, they have disabled comments. Why? Because Bloomberg and his Liberal Fascists are too scared of real […]

Philippines Muzzles Security Guards’ Guns.

You’re a Security Guard in the Philippines, maybe you’re a cop, you have a license to carry a gun, yet they still treat you like you’re a freaking child. Manila, Philippines – It is the turn of security guards to muzzle their guns for the New Year. The Philippine National Police (PNP) ordered all the […]

Using tragedy to push smart gun technology.

  The liberals are getting more creative in their attacks against guns. James Alan Fox writes this among other things in his dumb column: Apparently, the NRA’s School Shield program isn’t good enough because “…what about the ball fields and playgrounds, like the one on the Sparks Middle School campus where Monday’s shooting occurred? Are […]

Gun Control Plan Rebuttal.

Stu Bykofsky has as much business writing about guns as I do about football. As he puts it “I am not a member – the NRA doesn’t represent me or most of my pistol-packing pals. Some of my NRA friends say it doesn’t represent them, either, on background checks.” Source: http://articles.philly.com/2013-10-07/news/42797834_1_background-checks-gun-owners-gun-restrictions#sthash.prbI1jD5.dpuf Then why don’t you […]

Moms Demand Fascism Targets Staples.

A few months ago, gun owners were boycotting Staples because a gun seller was excluded from a contest. This time, it’s Moms Demand Action that are trying to do to them what they did to Starbucks. “Last month there was an accidental shooting at a Staples in North Carolina, and there have been other incidents […]