HB 96 Makes Gun Free Zones Liable

A Missouri lawmaker is reminding property owners that if they’re anti-gun, they might as well be anti-money since they will be held responsible for deaths and injuries at their place of business. SPRINGFIELD, Mo. Even if you can legally carry a firearm, not all businesses want you to bring one inside their place. Newly elected […]

9 Injured In Gun-Free Ohio State University

  A Somali terrorist with a greencard decided to repay America’s hospitality with blood.   Police said the attacker used a vehicle and a butcher knife. Witnesses reported a car being driven into a crowd on campus. Officers were able to intervene quickly and take down the attacker, the university chief said. He said it […]

Interview with Boycott Toby Keith Facebook Page.

The lamestream media won’t pay attention until the FB page has 200k fans, but I think this is a page worth covering, I think their missions is noble and just. Come on gun owners, if Toby Keith bans guns, he’s banning you. 1. Why did you started the Boycott Toby Keith page? There was quite […]

End gun-free zone restrictions in Batavia.

Batavia, Illinois is a bad place. What’s the point of getting a concealed carry permit if you can’t carry in  “parks, schools, any public buildings, some restaurants and most taverns, liquor stores, any preschool or child-care facility, sporting events, bike paths, hospitals, mental health facilities and nursing homes, airports, zoos, museums, buses, trains, at special […]

Why not a Booze-Free Zone?

The People’s Republic of Chicago has a new proposal that “would require any establishment that serves alcohol to post signs prohibiting the carrying of concealed firearms on the property. Businesses that don’t comply could lose their liquor licenses.” … “Simply put, booze and bullets don’t mix,” Burke said in a news release. “They clearly present […]