Black Gun Targets Politically Incorrect

If you go to the gun range, you’re not supposed to pick black gun targets according to the PC police. Fatal shootings of young black men across the U.S. remain a contentious topic even in a political climate that provides new opportunities for outrage every day. Ad agencies and their clients have addressed the seemingly […]

Orange is the new anti-gun

  The gun haters are having a Wear Orange Day to “end gun violence” in memory of Hadiya Pendleton. Nearly 200 national monuments will turn orange to honor Hadiya and other victims of gun violence, including Niagara Falls, the Golden Gate Bridge and the Empire State Building. Source Here’s one of the people wearing orange […]

Black Journalist Suspended Over Pro-NRA Column

Stacy Washington wrote a brilliant column for the St. Louis Post Dispatch, Guns and the Media, about why the media does a horrible job covering the NRA. Yet the same paper that published her column, now punishes her:   Stacy Washington’s column will no longer appear in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Her active promotional activities […]

Stephanie Clayton: Gun-Hating RINO

College campuses are cesspools of liberals, which is why stopping them from infringing upon our 2nd Amendment rights is crucial. As efforts in the Kansas Legislature to stop a law allowing concealed handguns on college campuses have stalled, a new bill in front of lawmakers would add another layer to the law. Under HB 2220, […]

Everytown For Gun Safety Places Fake Ads On Armslist

Everytown for Gun Safety loves creating propaganda for their anti-gun initiatives. Everytown For Gun Safety wanted to prove that people who couldn’t pass a criminal background check required for gun purchases from licensed dealers were skirting the regulation by buying guns online. So in September, the group began placing phony ads for firearms, most of […]

Walmart Doesn’t Trust Armed Cops

  You would think a gun seller like Walmart would welcome armed employees, specially cops, but at least in one store in Taylor, Pennsylvania, that’s not the case. TAYLOR, Pa. — A Pennsylvania police officer is suing Wal-Mart after he says he was fired for carrying his police-issued gun while in the store. While in […]

Gun Control Kills 35 In Turkey

  500 people where shot by gun-wielding terrorists in a nightclub in Instanbul as they waited for the New Year. A gun attack on Reina nightclub in Istanbul has left at least 35 people dead and more than 40 people wounded, according to the city’s governor. Ten people are said to be in a serious […]

Chinese Making Homemade Firearms

Private gun ownership is banned in China, shotguns and rifles are only allowed for restricted and highly controlled hunting. But this doesn’t stop people from doing what they want. Nevertheless, the Chinese have proven very adept at making homemade firearms that can be quite lethal, and such guns have been identified in more high profile […]