Gun Banner Uses Fiction to Attack the Second Amendment.

Here’s an interesting Letter to the Editor some gun-hater wrote:   Go on promoting the Second Amendment December 30, 2013 FREDERICK BUCHEIT – Mill Hall , The Express The following is fiction, but one never knows. Bob and Bill became friends early on as they lived close to one another and were the same age. […]

The myth of fingerprinting technology.

They’re at it again… BOSTON — In what is the latest wrinkle in gun control controversies expected to emerge among three Democrats running for attorney general, former state Sen. Warren E. Tolman has called for use of fingerprint technology on all newly manufactured guns sold in the state, as a way of preventing use of […]

ThinkProgress finds useful idiot.

Show a liberal 1,000 stories of successful armed self-defense and he’ll ignore your argument. Find a story of a woman shot with her own gun, and you’re supposed to take him seriously. Christy Salters Martin, a domestic violence survivor who was stabbed and shot by her husband after she attempted to leave him, has a […]

New Colorado Recall Efforts.

If it worked once, it’s worth trying again. Sen. Evie Hudak “…has infringed upon our constitutional right to keep and bear arms. She has voted to make all citizens less safe and to drive hundreds of jobs from Colorado,” Mike McAlpine, a spokesman for the group behind the recall effort, said in a statement emailed […]

Former Navy Seal turns Against 2nd Amendment.

I hate to write vitriol against Gabriel E. Gomez, a man who served his country, but when you turn against the 2nd Amendment, you deserve the kind of  tongue lashing the 1st Amendment protects, even if this man at one point voted against Obama’s gun ban bill. “Based on everything I have learned, seen and […]

Bill de Communist.

New Yorkers have suffered 12-years of Bloomberg, well, now gun banner Bill de Blasio will probably become the next Mayor and there is some disturbing information about how he: “…spent time as a left-wing supporter and activist for Nicaragua’s ruling Sandinista party at a time when the Reagan administration characterized it as “tyrannical” and “Communist.” […]

CO House Majority Leader is a Gun-Hating Dickey.

A dick is a noble organ, but there’s nothing noble about “Colorado House Majority Leader Dickey Lee Hullinghorst” who “said in an interview on YouTube last week that ‘firearms ownership is redundant because the state Legislature keeps citizens safe from harm.’” “As a woman, I have the right not to carry a gun and to […]