Background Checks Won’t Reduce Gun Trafficking

I read the following about Hillary Clinton, and I had to laugh. She endorses background checks to reduce gun trafficking and condones making straw purchasing, or illegal firearm purchasing, a federal crime. Clinton supports reform of existing gun legislation to prohibit those who suffer with mental illness from purchasing a gun.  – Source: I […]

Willie Robertson wavers on Gun Rights

I hate background checks, but Willie Robertson disagrees: Willie Robertson wants to get President Obama on his turf for a duck hunt. “I’d like to get him out there with some camouflage and a gun and we could sit out there and talk,” the “Duck Dynasty” star told conservative radio host Laura Ingraham. “I’d like […]

Sarah Brady’s Childish Background Check Cartoon.

Good propaganda is often simple, and this is the perfect cartoon for gun haters to share with their children, the gun-control version of “The Story of Stuff,’ but at least it’s only one minute long. In a one-minute cartoon style ad, narrated in a lisping, child-like voice, the Brady Campaign — which Sarah Brady chairs — […]

Gun Sales and Background Checks Decrease.

Some interesting facts from an article in BusinessWeek. In August, for instance, the FBI processed 1.4 million inquiries into potential gun buyers, down 7 percent from August 2012. … This morning Ruger posted a 45 percent increase in quarterly sales and said demand remains high. In early September, Smith & Wesson similarly shot the lights […]

Sanford PD Backs Down on Neighborhood Watch Gun Ban.

The geniuses in Sanford finally realized that State law trumps local law. The Sanford Police Department is backing off a proposal to ban Neighborhood Watch members from carrying guns, but it still wants volunteers to leave their firearms at home and will make that recommendation at a community meeting Tuesday night, police Chief Cecil Smith […]

NRA Alert: Florida Comissioner Considering Gun Control.

  If you have the time, send one of them an e-mail. DATE:   October 30, 2013 TO:      USF & NRA Member and Friends FROM:  Marion P. Hammer USF Executive Director NRA Past President Yes, it’s true.  Unbelievable but true. As reported by the Tallahassee Democrat, uber-liberal Commissioner, Mary Ann Lindley, is leading the […]