The 2nd Amendment requires a good GRIP

How to grab your gun? Not like the people in the video. You got to grab it hard at first, get to know your gun. Also, why would you put a gun behind your face if it doesn’t have a scope? If it’s a rifle, the butt should be against your shoulder unless you’re firing […]

Don’t shoot yourself at the gun range.

Let this be an important lesson in gun safety. A 14-year-old girl accidentally shot herself Thursday at a gun range in Brevard County, the Sheriff’s Office said. The girl, whose name was not released, was with her father when the accident happened about 3:20 p.m. at The Gun Site indoor range, 125 S. Banana River […]

Finger off the trigger, Officer.

This is why I don’t let cops lecture me about my gun rights, although my concealed carry instructor was a cop, but to his credit, he was very pro-gun. A Lower Gwynedd police officer accidentally fired his gun while officers responded to a disturbance in which a man pointed his gun at officers during the […]

How not to carry your gun.

Here’s an interesting story from The Huffington Post: “An Arizona woman died after her boyfriend accidentally shot off a handgun he had tucked into his waistband Tuesday morning. The 18-year-old man had been hugging his 24-year-old girlfriend when she complained that the weapon was making her uncomfortable, according to KTVK. The man discharged the gun […]