Black Gun Targets Politically Incorrect

If you go to the gun range, you’re not supposed to pick black gun targets according to the PC police. Fatal shootings of young black men across the U.S. remain a contentious topic even in a political climate that provides new opportunities for outrage every day. Ad agencies and their clients have addressed the seemingly […]

Canadian PC Kills Gun Salute.

PC destroys everything that’s nice and good, including a 90-year-old tradition. The omitting of a three-volley gun salute at this year’s Remembrance Day service at Riverside Veteran’s Memorial Park signals the end of 90 years of local tradition. Citing a Canadian Forces protocol directive that a gun salute is only accorded a funeral, the local […]

Wounded Warrior Project anti-gun?

This is shocking! WWP has some explaining to do. MANDEVILLE, LA –-( Does the Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) have a bias against guns and gun makers? Two weeks ago that would have sounded crazy, but this week many shooters are convinced that it’s true. Hundreds of hunts and shoots are held as fundraisers for the […]

Meet Aggies’ Pistol Pete.

Have you met Pistol Pete? That’s New Mexico State’s new mascot. ” What’s interesting is that the school has previously shied away from the Pistol Pete mascot. In 2005 the school shortened his name to simply “Pete” and gave Pete a lasso. Fans grew angry, started calling the new mascot “Lasso Larry” and within a […]