Washington Legislature Is Now An Open-Carry-Free-Zone

Let’s see if we understand. 1. Open Carry is Legal 2. Open Carry in the Legislature Gallery is No Longer Legal 3. Liberals fear open carriers 4. Concealed Carriers with Permits can still bring their guns Confused? Read on: Washington Legislature bans guns in galleries, meeting rooms OLYMPIA – Visitors to the Legislature are banned from […]

Steve Blow thinks open carry makes you grown-up brat

A man with a name like Steve Blow should be the last person insulting anyone, take a look at his garbage he wrote:   Somehow, one of the mantras of modern parenting became “use your words.” I’d hear moms sing-songing that phrase to misbehaving kids and I’d want to smack ’em. The moms, I mean, […]

“Extremely pro-gun” wants to shoot open carrier

I was debating open carry on Watch Nick Offerman Deliver a Lesson on the Second Amendment, when a guy told me this: valorius I am extremely pro-gun, and if you walked in carrying an Ar15 I would probably should you too. Without warning. I doubt he’s extremely pro-gun, otherwise he would know the following, and […]

Six Lies from Michael Bloomberg

If Satan is the Father of Lies, Bloomberg is giving his daddy a run for his money. John Lott writes: – In “Get the Facts About Gun Violence in the United States” from Bloomberg’s Moms Demand Action, the very first link goes to a report from the Violence Policy Center entitled “Concealed Carry Killers.” As […]

Gay Gun Owner gets $23,500 Settlement.

This is not your typical pro-gun story. In July of 2012, James Sorensen was openly carrying a handgun as he attended a gay pride event with his partner in Colorado Springs, CO.   During the event, officers confronted Sorensen, threatened him with physical violence and then finally arrested him.   The charges against Sorensen were […]

The Right to Bear Chickens?

Our enemies don’t understand the difference between constitutional rights and privileges. Take this protestor for example: “APPLETON, Wis. — When Mark Scheffler was asked to leave a gun protest, along with his brown hen named Winchester, on Saturday, it was precisely the point he wanted to make at the popular gathering. Chickens are far safer […]