Armed Guard Shoots Robber

The difference between armed security and unarmed security is the difference between life and death, here’s the proof: Passers-by helped subdue a man Saturday afternoon after he allegedly tried to rob an armored truck and was shot multiple times by one of the truck’s guards in front of the Albertsons supermarket at 55 Division Ave. […]

Guns (in cars) for Prison Guards

Pro-gun news from Oregon:             SALEM, OR (AP) – Oregon prison guards are one step closer to winning authority to keep guns in their cars during the workday. State workers are prohibited from bringing firearms onto state property, but corrections officers have been asking for an exception for several years. The state Senate voted Thursday […]

Prozanski universal background checks bill

  A bad bill is coming in Oregon: ROSEBURG, Ore. — The state legislature just wrapped up committee hearings in preparation for February’s legislative session. One hot topic will be Senator Floyd Prozanski’s proposed gun control bill that would require background checks for all gun transfers. Prozanski says his bill, similar to one that failed […]