How I Met Your Mother co-creator is asking for a boycott.

  I don’t watch “How I Met Your Mother” because I find FRIENDS-like shows to be tedious and boring, yet Craig Thomas has tweeted a few reasons that might turn off gun owners who watch his show. Let sensible gun control happen NOW — how many more times, honestly, how many more times must this […]

Southland Mall Gun Ban.

This makes me mad. “A Memphis, Tenn., business owner is under fire and may lose his lease after he chased three robbers from his store with a 9 mm handgun – all because his cookie shop is located in a mall with a “no firearms” policy. Police are still looking for the thieves who stole $45 […]

No Gun? No Business.

While it’s impossible to boycott everyone who hates our guns, it’s important to be aware. has a long list. Some are surprising, why is CheaperThanDirt on the list? ” When they stopped selling certain “politically incorrect” items after the Newtown, CT shooting, we took offense. When they jacked up their prices after the ensuing […]

Gun Banners Ask NRA to Kick Off Ted Nugent.

So The Coalition to Protect Criminals from Armed Gun Owners (aka The Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV)), is asking the NRA to fire Ted Nugent because of a few quotes they perceive as racist. Really? This is like the KKK asking blacks to get rid of their guns. “The NRA likes to bill […]