How I Met Your Mother co-creator is asking for a boycott.


I don’t watch “How I Met Your Mother” because I find FRIENDS-like shows to be tedious and boring, yet Craig Thomas has tweeted a few reasons that might turn off gun owners who watch his show.

Let sensible gun control happen NOW — how many more times, honestly, how many more times must this happen?


Sorry to get political but it’s not politics, it’s emotions — I could’ve died and I feel remorse for the person who did instead of me…


I love America. Let’s join so many other great nations in getting better about gun control. Let’s continue evolving as a nation…


It should be the most rigorous, thorough, meticulous, fastidious, painstaking thing in the world to get a gun in America…but it’s not.

You can read more of this Tweets here. Tell me, Craig, do I have to demand Tweet-Control to stop you from tweeting stupid things?

As for you loving America, what exactly do you love about it? This country wasn’t founded by people who wanted to join other nations, it was founded by people who wanted to be FREE. And just like you have the freedom to write a stupid TV show, I have the freedom to protect my life with a gun.

As for being

Not political: emotional

That excuse did not work for Obama-backing Paula Deen who said the N-word after being held up at gunpoint, years before she became a famous chef. Being emotional doesn’t justify being stupid.

To folks tweeting at me that “stricter gun control doesn’t work,” let’s try it first, then discuss!

Sure, because you’re so open minded and willing to listen to the facts. Come on! You’re a liberal douche, at least Juan Williams understands that not everyone thinks like him, you on the other hand tweet

England, Canada, Japan, Scotland, Germany — other countries have tried it…how doesn’t it work again? …


Yet you know nothing about those countries, you have never lived there, have never read about gun ownership there. You only know what the New York Times tells you, and that’s assuming you even read that rag everyday, which most of your liberals don’t.

Craig, you’re like a former Republican who became an Obama-backer, you’re a trend follower, you support gun control because it’s the cool thing to do, it’s how you fit in with your Hollywood a-hole friends.

To quote an awesome HIMYM fan, “Suit up, guns down,” is my favorite quote of the day.

Oh yeah? Well, you bring your suit to a fight and I’ll bring my gun, let’s see who wins. Idiot. You remind me of pussies singing “I Will Survive” and “Staying Alive”, if you want to survive and stay alive, you get a gun and you fight those gun-free zones.

God I hate liberals. Attention liberal mothers, if you need a ride to the abortion clinic, give me a call. LOL


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