Machete Kills: Good Gore & Guns Galore.

I saw it today, it wasn’t as pro-illegal alien as the previous movie. It had plenty of guns, not just Vergara’s boob and crotch guns, but futuristic guns that turn a person inside and out. It also had incredible action, extremely unrealistic but who cares? This is masculine, R-rated, bloody gory stuff anyone with hair […]

Response to: “The High and Low Road of Gun Rights.”

“The High and Low Road of Gun Rights” is an interesting article written by Jack Eldon Jackson. I hate disagreeing with a “certified firearms instructor, speaker, and former U.S. Marine who writes on issues involving government overreach,” but when you stand against Second Amendment activists, you give me no choice. As a fan of Ann […]

Parade prints Pro-Gun Article about Children and Toy Guns.

It’s nice when I find a pro-gun article in the mostly liberal media, here’s an excerpt: “While citizens and legislators debate the pros and cons of gun control, our boys are getting in trouble for gun play. In some places, playing guns is treated almost as severely as playing with guns. But the research has […]

Save the Gun Law.

This new North Carolina law is awesome! “The new law requires that law-enforcement agencies donate, keep or sell confiscated guns to licensed gun dealers, provided the weapons aren’t damaged or missing serial numbers. In such cases, guns may be destroyed.” Source:,0,2792868.story There are similar laws in Kentucky (1998) and Arizona (May 2013), “North Carolina’s […]

Cool New Pro-Gun Laws in Texas.

Like Colion Noir wrote, Texas may not have an open carry law (Tennessee does) but they do have some cool new laws. SB 1907 prohibits public and private colleges and universities from banning the possession, transportation and storage of lawfully-owned firearms and ammunition in private motor vehicles by students and visitors with Concealed Handgun Licenses […]

Why can’t we fly with a gun?

The liberals are celebrating because Ted Nugent’s wife was caught at the airport with a gun she forgot on her carry-on luggage. Source: One liberal commenter wrote: “I keep reading that ‘responsible’ gun owners know where their firearms are at all times. Hmm.” Fine, I know where my firearm is at all times, but […]