Armed 88-year-old senior scares 27-year-old burglar

You may be old and gray, but with a gun you’re as tough as any young thug: Burglar enters home, homeowner, 88, grabs gun CORPUS CHRISTI – A burglar kicked in the back door of an 88-year-old man’s home Wednesday evening, so the man grabbed his handgun and scared the burglar who took off running, […]

Machete Kills: Good Gore & Guns Galore.

I saw it today, it wasn’t as pro-illegal alien as the previous movie. It had plenty of guns, not just Vergara’s boob and crotch guns, but futuristic guns that turn a person inside and out. It also had incredible action, extremely unrealistic but who cares? This is masculine, R-rated, bloody gory stuff anyone with hair […]