GUNS editor defends Dick Metcalf.

I don’t know why ,editor of GUNS, is being so obtuse. This is part of an editorial he wrote opposing the firing Dick Metcalf.


Why people are so butt-hurt by Metcalf’s editorial is puzzling to me. The gun owners I pal around with are the smartest, most thoughtful and responsible people I know. To have a significant faction of the community wig out over a column that makes a rather obvious and well-known point is shocking to me. Where are their heads at?


S.H. needs to realize we don’t read gun magazines to hear anti-gun opinions, we get plenty of those in the mainstream media. So yes, Metcalf editorial was most upsetting and worthy of being fired. This isn’t an issue of Free Speech, I own my blog, so I have free speech there, costs me $8.95 a month by the way.  If I work for a magazine, newspaper, ad agency, I don’t have Free Speech, my job is a privilege and I can be fired anytime they want.

Although I’ve never met him, Metcalf seems like a stand-up guy who’s probably done more for the Second Amendment than most of his critics (he’s worked with lawmakers to draft the Firearm Owners Protection Act and testified before Congress to help further gun rights). But now he’s out-of-work because he doesn’t believe the Second Amendment is absolute nor does he find 16 hours of training to be unreasonable.


Well, he’s made his choice. Nobody forced him to write that stupid editorial, nobody forced him to defecate where he eats. I’ve never had a job where my past successes excused my present mistakes. In the ad industry we have a saying, “you’re only as good as your last ad.” I think this applies to other businesses as well.

My only fear about Dick Metcalf is that Media Matters, George Soros, or some liberal outfit might try to hire him and turn him into a useful idiot. However, I rather see the liberals obtain a useful idiot than a gun magazine be edited by a man who supports restrictions in the 2nd Amendment.

If Dick has integrity, he won’t work for the anti-gunners. Perhaps Dick can focus on the technical aspects of firearms and leave the politics to us.

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