Moms Demand Action misunderstands First Amendment.

Here’s what Moms Demand Action tweeted: Demand Action ‏@DemandAction 12 Nov How the gun lobby restricts the First Amendment to protect their extreme view of the Second Amendment:   The link is The Slate article, Guns & Ammo Editor’s Hope For “Healthy Exchange of Ideas” Costs Him His Job. It’s not surprising that MDA […]

New York Times Hearts Dick Metcalf.

Before Dick Metcalf betrayed gun owners “starting a dialogue” about gun control with the readers of Guns & Ammo, the New York Time didn’t give a crap about him. It’s the same reason every week that old gray bitch (she ain’t no lady) publishes a list of gun crimes, never self-defense, never positive stories about […]

GUNS editor defends Dick Metcalf.

I don’t know why S.H. Blannelberry,editor of GUNS, is being so obtuse. This is part of an editorial he wrote opposing the firing Dick Metcalf.   Why people are so butt-hurt by Metcalf’s editorial is puzzling to me. The gun owners I pal around with are the smartest, most thoughtful and responsible people I know. […]

Guns & Ammo Editor Wants Gun Control.

If you subscribe to Guns & Ammo, you should send them a strong-worded letter or even cancel your subscription, because this is unacceptable. Guns and Ammo Editor Dick Metcalf has penned an editorial for their December issue that will be leaving fans in shock; he’s supporting gun control. Metcalf claims there is a large difference between […]