46% of Dutch Sleep Near A Weapon

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Self-defense is a natural right, and even in gun-hating countries like The Netherlands, people still take action.

Most burglary victims sleep with a weapon by the bed

Nearly half of burglary victims now sleep with a bat, knife, pepper spray or even a gun next to their bed.

This is according to a survey among 1,100 burglary victims commissioned by the Foundation National Intrusion Prevention Weeks, AD reports. The results will be presented to Minister Ard van der Steur of Security and Justice on Thursday.

46 of respondents stated that they have brought a “means of defense” into their homes in case they run into a burglar. This is mostly some form of bat or stick they can use to deal a blow. About 20 percent indicated that they have purchased pepper spray, a knife or even a firearm.

Coen Staal, chairman of the Foundation, called the figures “shocking” and said that they show how gigantic the impact of a burglary is on the victims. “It is natural that people want to defend themselves, but it is also dangerous. It is likely to lead to more violence.” he said to the AD.

The police understand why burglary victims take matters into their own hands. “Everyone has the right to defend themselves, provided it is proportionate”, a spokesperson for the National Police told the newspaper. He also warned that you will not always go unpunished if you attack a burglar. “Every situation is different. That’s why we can not give general advice about whether or not to intervene when you catch a burglar in the act. In any case always call 112 and remember what the offender looks like.”
Source: http://www.nltimes.nl/2015/04/29/most-burglary-victims-sleep-with-a-weapon-by-the-bed/


So as you can see, The Netherlands isn’t the crime-free paradise liberals are always promising if we only did what they wanted. No society can be crime-free, as for Coen Staal’s comment, let’s see how he responds when a burglar breaks into his home.

I congratulate everyone who has a weapon, the best weapon is a firearm, but if you can’t get that, make sure you practice with your bat, stick, or  Jogger Pepper Spray/

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