46% of Dutch Sleep Near A Weapon

Self-Defense Keychain Stick Self-defense is a natural right, and even in gun-hating countries like The Netherlands, people still take action. Most burglary victims sleep with a weapon by the bed Posted on Apr 29, 2015 by Janene Van Jaarsveldt Nearly half of burglary victims now sleep with a bat, knife, pepper spray or even a […]

Not Vacancies for Criminals in Chicago.

I hate using an article from Bloomberg.com, but like a broken clock, they’re right occasionally. Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s plan to quell his city’s gun violence with more jail time is running into Illinois fiscal reality as well as claims that mandatory prison sentences, popular in statehouses for decades, are unaffordable and ineffective deterrents to […]

I say “gun gun,” in the butt.

I prefer hip holsters, but Mr. Alvarado is far more flexible. “Police officers [in Chicago] responded to a call of shots fired at 4300 block of North Pulaski Avenue. There, witnesses told them they saw an altercation between six men, which ended after one fired two rounds of bullets into the air, pointing eastbound on […]