Vote for Byrne- LeFlore hates the NRA. (Alabama)

You’d think that a Democrat in Alabama would have the decency to support the NRA, but that is not the case.

“This is Alabama. Nobody is going to take your guns away, nobody here in Alabama is going to allow it,” LeFlore exclaimed. The mood turned serious when LeFlore said that he would never accept an endorsement from the NRA.

“In my opinion, guns should be regulated…If a sniper walks into this room with a semi-automatic weapon, I want to be able to trace those bullets back to whoever shot them. I want that person held accountable,” said LeFlore.



Guns ARE regulated, over-regulated if you ask me. If a sniper walks into a room, I don’t care about tracing the bullets, I care about firing in his direction after he fires in our direction. That’s how a man handles crime, that’s far more productive than demanding regulations criminals ignore.

Byrne took the opportunity to share a personal story. His grandfather was killed by a mentally-ill man that shot him, he said. “The problem in this country is that we have mentally ill people that get their hands on guns and commit horrific crimes,” said Byrne. “We need to start these terrible shootings for what they are, a symptom of the failure to deal with the mental health problems in this country.


He also noted that he was a “proud” recipient of an endorsement from the NRA.


Now that’s a real patriot. Instead of letting a horrible tragedy like that turn him against the 2nd Amendment, he understands the real issue.

In the next unrelated question, LeFlore quickly added that the NRA supports letting mentally ill individuals have guns.

Dirty lies from a dirty man.

“…the NRA has supported legislation to ensure that appropriate records of those who have been judged mentally incompetent or involuntarily committed to mental institutions be made available for use in firearms transfer background checks. The NRA will support any reasonable step to fix America‚Äôs broken mental health system without intruding on the constitutional rights of Americans.”

What the NRA does not support is inconveniencing the 99.99% of us who are not crazy.

Alabamians, it’s clear that LeFlore is not your friend.


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