Vandalism is not Pro-Gun

Folks, it’s OK to be angry with Obama, but please respect private property. Graffiti is not free speech unless you own the walls you’re defacing.


Possible suspect identified in hate-filled swastika Obama graffiti case in Denver

Vandal spray-painted 75 homes, cars and fences

DENVER – Denver police are comparing fingerprints found on a discarded can of spray paint to those of a man they suspect may be responsible for at least 75 cases of anti-Obama swastika graffiti.

Court documents obtained by 7NEWS state that the graffiti was found on a wide swath of property bounded by University Boulevard and Huron Street and by Louisiana and Yale Avenues.

The graffiti stating “Obama is scum,” and “Obama was here,” was spray painted on garage doors, walls, fences, cars and recreational facilities.

Police recovered a spray paint can with a fingerprint near graffiti at South Huron Street and West Jewell Avenue.

When they tried to talk to a man who fit the description of a man seen painting a swastika on a car on South Gilpin Street, he refused to let them into his house.

Court documents identify that man as John Lecky.

While police were talking to Lecky in his yard, they noticed some items that had been spray-painted. He told them his friend did it. He also told them that he was an artist. When they asked to see some of his art work, he refused to show them.

Officers got a search warrant and said they found a loaded AK-47, two Glock handguns, several extended capacity magazines and one and a half pounds of marijuana inside his house. They also found bumper stickers with crossed out swastikas and the words, “Gun control made the Holocaust possible. No more gun control laws.” 

Police said they also found 47 cans of spray paint on his floor and inside a storage bin.

7NEWS tried to contact Lecky, but there was no answer at his door which has a lockbox on it.

“It’s troubling to find out that it’s one of your neighbors,” said Max Munoz, who lives next door.

Munoz said he watched police raid Lecky’s house, but had no idea they suspected him of the graffiti spree.

“I’ve seen (the graffiti) at numerous places around campus,” he said. “It was very disturbing.”

Lecky has only been charged with drug and weapons violations. He has not been charged with the graffiti vandalism.

He’s due back in court on the drug/weapons charges June 18.

Our 2nd Amendment is bigger than any individual, and the great majority of gun owners are extremely law-abiding. This guy is probably an anarchists, they are often pro-gun but have little respect for the law.

One last thing, this is the age of the Internet, if you want to express yourself you can do it online. The Chattanooga Times Free Press has some people that piss me off, but you don’t see me vandalizing their wall. With words you can do a lot of damage, my blog Stupid Teen Shoots Himself at Pawnshop got the following reply among others:

Isaac says:

Gregory smith your a fucking piece of shit and I’m gonna find your bitch ass you don’t know what are families went threw ,you ovusally have your head to far up you bitch ass

See? You can piss off a liberal by telling the truth, and I “ovusally” do. LOL




2 Responses to Vandalism is not Pro-Gun

  1. what makes you so sure he did any thing, medical marijuana even rec pot is legal. A cop can now just take a can of paint out of your yard and garage and that equals an anarchist to you. Oh the simple minded who trust the police to much. This just sounds like a gun grab and demonization of gun owners who use the supposedly legalized marijuana to me. Sad he will have to spend 10’s of thousands of dollars and risk over 20 years in jail to prove his innocence. There is something about this I just don’t buy.

    • Didn’t they found a can of spray paint with his fingerprints? I know conspiracy theories are fun, but more often than not, it’s the cops who are the good guys. Besides, while marijuana is legal in some places, gun owners who use marijuana get persecuted. We’re under different rules, if I go to a bar and have my gun on me, my TN license doesn’t allow me to consume alcohol, so I have to drink Diet Coke while everyone else does vodka shots. They say I’m dangerous if I have a gun and drink alcohol, what about the thug who doesn’t have a gun but will be happy to beat me to death? See? That’s life, us gun owners are persecuted, we have to watch what we do all the time, and we cannot afford to act like anarchists and deface property.

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