The TSA Hates Gun-Shaped Heels

Ladies, if you’re flying it might not be a good idea to wear shoes like these, or to even have them in your carry on luggage. The TSA sees everything:   LINTHICUM, Md. (AP) – At the airport, safety is more important than sexy. That’s what a woman found out at the Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood […]

Wussy Air Marshals Fear Lead

Hired to Protect: Adventures of a Federal Air Marshal The Air Marshals are supposed to be courageous, the lucky big shots that get to fly with guns while the rest of us can’t. Well, this story proves  our sensitive sweethearts are afraid of a little lead. Air marshals demand TSA not use lead-tainted gun ranges […]

Shoe Control? TSA Overreacts and Delays Flight.

This is why I dress boring when I fly. “If you were flying out of New York City’s LaGuardia Airport last week and you missed your flight, blame it on the woman who who wore a pair of high heeled shoes with fake revolvers as the heels. ” The shoes are worth $60 to $125, […]