NAFGR publishes Guns Save Lives list.

Besides this cool graphic:   They also published: West Virginia: Neighbor Stops Home Invaders by Shooting One and Holding Other at Gunpoint   Alabama: Guns save lives again   Washington: Homeowner with a firearm stops thug who broke into his house   Ohio: Man with a firearm stops thug   Virginia: 76-year-old man with a […]

Chuck U Schumer’s T-Day Meme.

  Copied verbatim from Facebook: National Association for Gun Rights GUN OWNER ALERT: Last Thursday, anti-gun Senator Chuck Schumer secretly tried to slip a sweeping new ban on firearms manufacturing and innovation through the Senate using a procedural trick! He’s using the upcoming expiration of a useless 1988 law banning so-called “undetectable” firearms as an […]

Stand Your Ground Petition.

The National Association for Gun Rights have started this petition, as an NRA member, I can tell you that petitions work. When politicians get flooded with them, most of them act accordingly. The liberals own the media, but we have the numbers. If you’d like to sign, visit