Don’t Test a Bulletproof Vest On Yourself

File this under, “do not try this at home.” FAIR OAKS, Calif. (KXTV) – A man has been arrested in connection to a deadly shooting Friday night on the American River Bike Trail near Bannister Park in Fair Oaks. According to the victim’s brother, the shooting resulted from the victim and his friends playing around […]

Gun owners should not pay for the crimes of teens

I saw this story… Review: Texas rarely prosecutes adults when kids access guns AUSTIN, Texas (AP) – A review finds Texas rarely prosecutes people who fail to secure their guns from children. Gun owners can be charged with a misdemeanor in Texas if they fail to secure their firearms or leave them in a place […]

Slate Writer confuses Law-Abiding People with Felons.

  If two children die from two gun accidents, one from a family where the father is a felon that owns a gun illegally, and another one from a law-abiding family, should both fathers be charged as criminal? Justin Peters thinks so. On Saturday, a 2-year-old North Carolina girl was playing in her house when […]