How Gun Haters Peddle Fear

The anti-gun website The Trace is filling nostalgic, they decided to share these classics of anti-gun propaganda. I share them here so we can learn from our enemies. Our adversaries say we peddle fear, but that’s not the case. We present a problem and provide a solution. If a woman fears a rapist, she buys […]

New Anti-Gun ad from Moms Demand Action

Our enemies have Grey Toronto on their side, and this is the crap they came up with. The spot highlights the inconsistencies in Kroger’s policy by showing individuals engaging in behavior prohibited in its stores — a teenager skateboarding, a young boy with a water gun and a woman with her dog — and contrasting […]

Everytown Uses Kids In Anti-Gun Videos

Everytown for Gun Safety is running out of ideas, that’s why they have released a video: “highlighting some of the most out-there statements by National Rifle Association executive vice president Wayne LaPierre, all read by children.” Source Of course, they have disabled comments. Why? Because Bloomberg and his Liberal Fascists are too scared of real […]

The 20-year-old child: How USA Today lied about gun injuries.

“Twenty young people a day hospitalized for gun injuries” screams the USA Today headline, right under it we see: ” “Six percent of 7,391 hospitalizations for firearm-related injuries to children and teens in 2009 proved fatal. Most of the hospitalizations resulted from assaults; the fewest from suicide attempts.” Yet when you read the article you […]