Si Robertson demands “Sin Control”.

I like Duck Dynasty, I don’t watch it, but I like where they stand.

“The stars of “Duck Dynasty” are no fans of gun control, but there’s another kind of control they think the nation could use.

“It ain’t gun control we need; it’s sin control,” duck-call tycoon Si Robertson told Men’s Journal magazine in a group interview.”

“We’re trying to infuse a little good into a culture in which gentleness, patience, kindness, self-control, love, joy and peace have become abnormal,” Phil told the magazine. “I go out into America and I am literally navigating a minefield. Godliness has become abnormal.”

The men admit they’re not perfect — Si was drafted during the Vietnam War and remembers those days as especially rebellious. “I kept a fifth of whiskey in my pocket everywhere I went,” he told Men’s Journal. “I tried dope one time, OK, like marijuana, but why would you smoke something that makes you feel 100 years old? So, drugs wasn’t it for me. In my mind, it was alcohol and whoring around.”


Now I don’t know how exactly you control sin, this country used to have Sodomy Laws but unless a cop was peaking through your window or broke in to the wrong apartment (Bowers vs. Hardwick), you were unlikely to be charged with anything.

But I do appreciate the fact that Si is focusing on people instead of their tools.

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