Schmucks Trade Guns for Schnucks.

I’ve never heard of a store called Schnucks, yet the E. St. Louis gun buyback was quite a hit.


EAST ST. LOUIS • Gloria Williams couldn’t wait to trade a broken .25-caliber handgun for a $100 Schnucks store gift card to buy her Thanksgiving dinner.

People had begun lining up at 9 a.m. at the center, guns in hand. And all $10,000 worth of Schnucks gift cards were given away less than 10 minutes after the program began at 10 a.m.

Well, isn’t that great? Why not a broken TV buyback? Old fridge buyback? There’s lots of things that could be bought back.

One man walked away with $500 worth after turning in five guns.

But hopeful gun owners who, like Williams, came too late were told the gift cards were gone.“We had given them all away,” St. Clair County Sheriff Richard Watson said enthusiastically. The yield: 130 guns of various types.


How do we know they weren’t stolen? It is one thing for private individuals selling to private individuals, but when you sell to the State, they ought to investigate.

Watson said people expressed concern that the buyback program amounted to a sting to arrest people. So this year, Watson set out to spread the word, visiting church pastors, area mayors and the media to explain that anyone could turn in weapons without retribution.


No “Separation of Church and State” complains, liberals? What a joke, this is exactly why E. St. Louis has a high crime rate, instead of fighting crime, the cops are rewarding criminals with stolen guns, and even if some of the people going to the gun buyback aren’t criminals, it’s just wrong.

Libraries don’t don’t book buybacks, they buy new books and accept book donations. I would rather see these people selling their guns at a gun show, if the gun is broken, perhaps a gunsmith can use it for parts.

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