Run away from Runner’s World.

Rick Perry carries a gun while running, so does Jason Hanson, a former CIA officer and USA Carry Blogger.

“When I’m running my 2 miles every morning I use a Belly Band. If you’re not familiar with the Belly Band it’s basically a long elastic band that you put around your waist. It has a space for your gun and a space for your magazine.”


So why does Runner’s World assumes every jogger is a gun-hating liberal? Why else would they publish a piece by track athlete Nick Symmonds, demanding a ban on handguns and popular semi-automatic rifles?


Attempting to pander to those who actually value their rights, Symmonds starts off the column by boasting, “I love my Second Amendment right.”  Symmonds then spends the remainder of the paragraph channeling Bill Clinton and John Kerry by listing his hunting bona fides as pro-Second Amendment credentials.


Later on, Symmonds proposes a legislative “compromise” that would “[b]an assault rifles and handguns for everyone except police and military personnel.”  Under his proposal, Symmonds would graciously “allow responsible citizens to own rifles and shotguns,” as “[r]ifles are for big-game animals, [and] shotguns are for birds.”  Nowhere does Symmonds entertain the notion that firearms have legitimate, constitutionally protected, self-defense applications.

Runner’s World should apologize and print a piece by a pro-gun runner.

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