Punched for not having a gun


Criminals are getting smarter:

Teen checks for concealed weapon before punching victim in knockout game

A Florida teenager reportedly punched a man in the face as part of the “knockout game” fad — but first made sure the man did not have a concealed gun before attacking him.

The Florida Times-Union reported Friday that a teenager approached a man who was walking alone on Neptune Beach on July 31.

The victim said the teen, flanked by three accomplices, asked him if he had a “Glock.” When the man admitted he was not carrying a weapon, the teen punched him in the face.

The “knockout game” has grown in popularity among teenagers across the country. The object of the “game” is to knock a stranger unconscious. In several instances, victims have been severely injured or have died.

Now let’s play devil’s advocate, suppose you say you have a gun. What happens next? Will you be asked to show your gun? Will you be left alone? Will you be punched and then have your gun stolen? I don’t know. But the victim here made an obvious mistake, he trusted a stranger with the truth.

Either way, it’s interesting that in pro-gun Florida the criminals are aware that law-abiding people may be packing, too bad this guy wasn’t.  It’s a sad fact that good people are being terrorized by teenagers, perhaps a few dead teens is what it takes to end this madness.

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  1. Nothing like only telling HALF the story, is there? Other articles pointed out that when the victim reached for a knife he carried, and pretended it was a gun, the little creeps ran away and were quickly caught by the police.

    • Where’s your source link? I quoted the article from the Washington Times, a respectable newspaper. You got something from another paper that says different? Post the link. I do not care for hearsay.

      And why would the victim reach for a knife if he didn’t intend to use it? How exactly do you pretend your knife is a gun? Sorry, that tale has more holes than Swiss cheese.

  2. I appreciate the first two comments. And Mr. Devils advocate, if someone carrying a firearm was asked by some strangers if he was carrying the guy would immediately be on “alert” and certainly would not engage in conversation and definitely not disclose. You must be retarded to come up with such a stupid scenario.

    • Your reading comprehension has failed. Do you have a gun on you 24/7? I don’t. So three thugs approach you and asked if you have a gun. What do you say? Obviously if you have a gun, maybe you can pull it out and scare them, or you can answer in the affirmative or you can ignore the question. And no, I’m not retarded, you’re retarded since you missed that this scenario is based on something that happened. If the thugs are going to be asking us if we have a gun, we have to prepare ourselves for that. Frankly, this is a new scenario, I’m 39-years-old, I’ve never heard of a crook asking his victim if he has a gun.

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