Poncho: Armed Security for Me, No Open Carry for Thee

Remember our friend Poncho Nevarez?

“I bet I own more guns than all those people who came in the office put together,” Nevarez added. “I mean, I have a lot of weapons. I have a shooting range on my place. So I don’t think they really did their homework with the person they came to accuse of not being a Second Amendment supporter.”

Well, it seems the big shot is a little scared over being called a tyrant:

“You’re a tyrant to the constitution…You won’t be here very long bro…We the people are going to take Texas back,”
Source: idem

So who is he gonna call? Ghostbusters? Nope, other men with guns:

AUSTIN (AP) — A House Democrat has been provided a security detail as part of the fallout from a tense Texas Capitol confrontation between the lawmaker and gun rights activists, whom more conservative state politicians urged to soften some of their rhetoric.

Rep. Poncho Nevarez said he didn’t ask for the Texas Department of Public Safety officers that were assigned to him and his family in Eagle Pass near the Mexico border, but was glad they were around.

“It’s hard to assess your own security sometimes, to be able to tell what’s what,” Nevarez said in an interview in his office, where a gun in a zipped leather case lay on his desk. Down the hall, two plainclothes officers stood watch, and later escorted Nevarez to the House chambers.
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I guess  panic buttons where not enough for Poncho or his armed entourage.



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