NRA fights Bloomberg-Backed McAuliffe.


The battle for freedom is heating up in Virginia:

Bloomberg, an advocate for tougher gun control laws, is spending $1.1 million on anti-Cuccinelli ads that brand him as “too extreme,” adding to a crowded television rotation that is packed with political messages. At the same time, environmentalist Tom Steyer’s NextGen Climate Action has spent almost $2.3 million on ads supporting Democratic nominee Terry McAuliffe.



The NRA is fighting back as well, but their war chest is smaller.

The political action committee of the National Rifle Association has spent $466,000 on television and Internet advertising highlighting the gun control measures supported by Terry McAuliffe in Virginia’s gubernatorial race.


Let me tell you something, Bloomberg, you will not defeat people with integrity no matter what fancy ads you run:

Gov. Brian Sandoval, a Republican, rejected the measure despite an advertising blitz by the pro gun control group funded largely by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Mayors Against Illegal Guns.



So bring it on, Bloomberg. You’re only helping my NRA recruite more members. If you’d like to help the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action, visit their website here:


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