Matt Damon Hypocrite.

While I would love to boycott liberals, truth is I like violent movies, the bloodier the better, and as much as I like my conservative friends, you people need to get better at making movies. Look at Left Behind, you have a story about freaking SATAN and there’s barely any violence.

Moving on, Matt Damon is not only a hypocrite who opposes school choice while sending his kid to a private school, he’s also a hypocrite who makes millions from using guns in the movies while wanting them banned in real life.

“The stand your ground law, I think is, is, is, I hope that they would revisit that. I mean I lived in Florida for five years, so we can’t have a world you know where people are putting guns in their pockets walking around looking for, thinking you know, that they’re the neighborhood watch. You know, I mean we have a police force for that and we should leave the novices at home.”

Hey Matt, are you gonna tell me you don’t have an armed security guard protecting your ass? Oh sure, you have pecs, you have abs, you have biceps, but guess what? There are  criminals that can kick your ass and all your sissy cardio and weight-lifting is not going to mean a damn thing unless you have a gun or a man with a gun by your side.

You want to live like an animal? Rely on your physical strength only? Fine, do it, but until you do, respect my Right to Keep and Bear Arms!

P.S. The reason a-holes like you make money is because there are people like me defending your First Amendment right to make movies as vile as you want them to be. Show a little gratitude.


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  1. Anyone willing to host a dumpster (or several) to hold the DVDS that Matt’s millions of new Ex Fans can send in. A video of that pile can be made to send to Matt and his PR people. I have several I would be happy to send by overnight mail to get things started. On the other hand, if we all had millions, too, we could just afford to hire armed bodyguards like Matt and the others like him and we wouldn’t have to dirty our hands with gun cleaning fluid and we could all believe in the BS utopian world they live in.

    • Great idea, but do people buy DVD’s anymore? I always see them at Target, Walmart, sometimes at the bargain bin… I don’t see the point. With Netflix, Amazon Prime, I can get pretty much any movie I want.

      What I do whenever possible is support the microscopic conservative film industry. If Dinesh D’Souza makes a movie, I’m watching.

      However, when conservatives and libertarians make films, they’re rarely action films.

      Still, there are some films Hollywood has produced that share our values.

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