Idiots at the Gun Buyback.

So they decided to run a gun buyback in Wilmington, the headline from StarNews Online is “Gun buyback cut short after cash runs out; 67 guns turned in,” but to me that’s not the real story.

“I have kids in the house and I have another gun for protection,” Gutierrez said, adding that he didn’t know the history of the pistol.

Dodson added that Gutierrez could choose to hang onto the gun until there was, hopefully, another buyback event, or sell it to a group of private vendors who could offer him slightly more money.

After a police officer checked the gun to make sure it wasn’t stolen, Gutierrez chose to wait for another buyback event.

“Basically, I want to get it destroyed,” Gutierrez said.”

So let me get this straight, you own two guns, you think they’re dangerous because you have kids, yet you’re only trading one gun and keeping the other gun for protection? Are you nuts? You could teach your children how to shoot so they don’t see your guns as toys, or you can keep them in a gun safe. As for wanting them destroyed, really? Make up your mind, gun hater, why should one gun be destroyed if your other gun is kept?

““My motto on this is if I can take one or two guns off the street, then that’s one or two lives that those guns will never encounter,” said Patrick Holmes, the buyback’s organizer.”

Really Patrick? Then why not have a baseball bat buyback, a knife buyback, why just guns? Freaking idiots, ask Gutierrez how come he’s only getting rid of one gun instead of two?

“A key criticism of gun buyback programs, though, is that they do not offer enough money to bring in the most dangerous firearms.

“When you think about people who’d be strongly motivated to retain their weapons – you have to ask why that might be and people who have wicked purposes in mind that they need to have a firearm to accomplish – the offer of low amounts of money isn’t enough to get them to give that up,” said Lance Stell, a professor of philosophy and director of the Medical Humanities Program at Davidson University.”

Sure Stell, I’m keeping my Smith & Wesson 9MM because I’m planning on commiting a crime. Really? Or could it be I enjoy shooting at the range? Could it be I would rather defend myself with my gun than die without it? Hey Stell, when you get in trouble, do you not call 911?

““Disproportionately you tend to get older guns, lower-caliber guns, disproportionately you get guns that aren’t even in working condition,” Vernick said.”

Exactly! You’re paying $100 to $200 for guns hardly anyone wants to buy. I remember a few years ago that Obama try his Cash4Clunkers program, sure, car dealers loved it for a while, who doesn’t enjoy getting paid to buy cars that you can sell for scrap while selling a another car? Either way, we’re not doing that program now because we just can’t afford it.

“Although the evidence for reducing street crime is not there,” Vernick said, “these programs could reduce what you might think of as household-level risk factors for gun violence.”

Sure Vernick, because violence can only be committed with guns. Trayvon Martin didn’t have a gun yet he gave Zimmerman a good beating until he shot him.

“Our young people, they need to be informed, they need to be educated,” he said. “And not only young people. We had a woman today probably 60 years old say, ‘I had a gun in my house and I don’t know anything about gun safety.’ ”

Hey lady, if you own a gun and you’re alive, you probably know quite a bit about gun safety. You know to treat every gun like it’s loaded, never point it at anything you don’t want to destroy, keep your finger off the trigger, make sure there’s no round in the chamber when you want to clean your gun. See? It’s not rocket science, you don’t need a PhD in Gun Safety, it’s just common sense.

“Another way Holmes and other organizers plan to cut down on gun violence is by reaching out to those who could perpetuate or be victimized by it….“We have to continue a dialogue with these young men,” Holmes said. “We have to find ways of bridging that gap between us and the young people.””

Then do that instead of wasting our tax dollars on stupid gun buybacks. I’ll gladly talk to any law-abiding person that wants to learn about firearms and the Second Amendment, the problem with you people (100 Black Men of Coastal North Carolina) is that you’re a bunch of gun-hating idiots.

You have the mentality of a slave, troubled young people are not going to listen to you because you represent weakness instead of power. Young people need to learn that owning guns is a good thing, you just have to be law-abiding about it. Go to the range, learn to shoot, then get a concealed carry permit.

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