Former Navy Seal turns Against 2nd Amendment.

I hate to write vitriol against Gabriel E. Gomez, a man who served his country, but when you turn against the 2nd Amendment, you deserve the kind of  tongue lashing the 1st Amendment protects, even if this man at one point voted against Obama’s gun ban bill.

“Based on everything I have learned, seen and heard from the citizens of this Commonwealth, I can no longer support legislation that would allow the continued sale of assault weapons and high capacity magazines, and here is why:

My opposition to banning assault weapons and high capacity magazines was based on my experience as a platoon commander and as a member of the US Navy SEALs. My fellow SEAL team members are the most highly trained, professional warriors in the world.

Navy SEALs can handle assault weapons and high capacity magazines with complete competency and safety. Others cannot. I can show virtually anybody how to change a high capacity magazine clip in five seconds. But that does not mean virtually anybody should have one.

Despite the political risks my decision may pose, the risks to schoolchildren and to other innocent victims caused by assault weapons are simply unacceptable.”

Sir, all weapons are assault weapons, defense weapons, survival weapons.  While the AR-15 hasn’t been used in war, the 1911, the 44, and even a one-shot 1898 Mauser has been used in war. I don’t need to change a clip in five seconds to survive, in fact, I can probably change one in two seconds, but that’s not the point. The point is the 2nd Amendment gives me a RIGHT to choose one or more weapons for self-defense.

As for the competency and safety of the Navy Seals, don’t make me laugh, show me one military branch where nobody has died from friendly fire. You really have some nerve,as a taxpayer I don’t mind my taxes being used to fund the military, but don’t you dare come home and lecture me as if you were my Commanding Officer. I’m a civilian, I am my own Commanding Officer.

“I remain a strong, proud proponent of the Second Amendment. I will continue to speak out when politicians play politics and fear monger on guns. However, I will also continue to listen, learn and consider new evidence and arguments from the other side.”

Not anymore, sir. You are now a liar and a traitor to the Constitution. You’re in violation of the oath you took when you joined the military. The other side is wrong, when we listen to them, it’s to form an argument against them, not to embrace their lies. Jews don’t listen to holocaust deniers, gun owners shouldn’t listen to gun control proponents.

I hope the NRA is listening, even if you voted the right way, you can no longer be trusted.


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  1. I spent 5 years on active duty in the US Army, and I have to say that Mr. Gomez’s attitude is beyond arrogance, to be polite. I recognize the differences between a DoD-issued rifle (M16-A2 in my own case) and my personally-owned civvie AR with its 30 round standard capacity magazines. Yes, that is standard capacity. This guy, for being a former seal, uses all of the fabricated tropes that the gun-grabbers have created to demonize the tool. Assault weapon? If I attack somebody with a pencil, is it now an “assault pencil”? Clips? Please!
    Rino? Useful idiot? I don’t know. Either you “get it” about the 2nd Amendment or you don’t, Mr. Gomez doesn’t get it.

    • Semper Fi means always faithful, Gomez is not faithful to the constitution. Yes, he’s entitled to his opinions, but opinions have consequences. Tell your boss, “in my opinion, you’re an asshole” and he will fire you.

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