Duck Dynasty is NOT the Dixie Chicks.

When the left can’t win the argument, they change the argument. Now they’re pointing fingers at the right because of what we did to The Dixie Chicks. After Texas-born Natalie Maines told a London Audience that she was ashamed President Bush was from Texas and that she didn’t want the Iraq war, we raised hell and caused her to quit country music.

Hey GLAAD, this is what a real protest looks like. No press releases, no web statements, just real people burning the records of The Dixie Chicks. Source: The BBC

What Maines did would be the equivalent of Phil Robertson telling his Christian audience that he now he worships Beelzebub and favors abortions. So what did we do against the Dixie Chicks? We called our radio stations, we burned their records in public, we raised far more hell with far less money than a bunch of GLAAD activists and their limousine liberal allies.

As the BBC reported: “Airplay for the group’s songs is down 29% on country stations, and 20% on general music stations around the country, a monitoring group has said

Natalie Maines forgot the first rule of marketing: Know Your Audience. If the people that listen to country music are mostly Republican and conservative, you don’t attack the President they love!

Today Natalie Maines is admitting she doesn’t like country music. In other words, good riddance.

Former Dixie Chicks lead singer Natalie Maines recently opened up to Us Weekly about her upcoming album and revealed that despite the country trio’s 13 Grammy awards and many, many country music accolades, she does not, in fact, listen to country music anymore.

“People do look at it as an insult that I say I don’t listen to country music, which cracks me up,” the 38-year-old singer told Us. “Music is a personal preference. Everyone’s free to connect and like whatever they want.”

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“I definitely have a bad taste in my mouth about country radio,” she added. “We did get supporters, but as a whole, the country music industry did not support us. Award shows would laugh at our expense. It was fun to hate us.”
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Liberals are desperate, which is why Time Magazine is drawing a false equivalency:

“It is not a First Amendment issue. It may be dumb, it may be justified, but it is not a constitutional violation. It is not for Phil Robertson, Alec Baldwin, Martin Bashir, Don Imus, The Dixie Chicks, Rush Limbaugh, or anyone else. People changing the channel or not buying your products because of what you said is not “censorship”; nor is losing a business deal for same.
Source: Losing Your TV Job Is Not a First Amendment Issue |

He is being deceptive. Yes, the First Amendment doesn’t protect you from getting fired in the private sector, however, this is censorship in the private sector, and unlike The Dixie Chicks, this isn’t a decision based on market forces, where are the liberals burning Duck Dynasty t-shirts? They don’t exist because they don’t own the products and until this  brouhaha, they barely even knew Duck Dynasty existed. This is like Burger King going vegetarian because PETA finds meat offensive, or LOGO (the gay TV station) airing only Girls Gone Wild, fine with the lesbians, but I doubt gays want to see that.

So when he tells us to “change the channel,” he’s lying to us. We didn’t change the channel, A&E did.

As for Martin Bashir and Alec Baldwin, they had low ratings. Rush Limbaugh hasn’t been fired because he has high ratings. I can’t tell you about Don Imus because I don’t listen to him, but I did think his suspension over the “nappy headed hoes” remark was idiotic, an overreach by people who don’t even watch his show (it’s on TV and radio).

I support Phil because the market supports him, because people want to watch him, if he can be censored, anyone of us can be censored. Now maybe my Christian friends don’t always like the shows I watch, but for the most part, they stick to their own shows and let me be. That’s what America needs right now, for people to mind their own business and stop telling each other what to say, what to watch and what to do.

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