Could you shoot your own brother?

Here’s an interesting situation for you to consider:


A domestic dispute between two brothers is the cause of a shooting early Wednesday morning on Hickory Woods Lane.

When Chattanooga Police arrived on the scene they found the victim Joshua Eaker who said he’d been shot by his brother.

Eaker had injuries to his left checkbone and ear.

After talking to witnesses and the suspect detectives discovered that Eaker had been strung out on meth and had become aggressive toward his mother and brother. 

That morning Eaker has gone to his mother’s home around 3:00 a.m. and tried to forcibly get into the home.   His mother told him to leave and he responded with threats to kill them.  Eaker’s brother woke up and hearing the threats grabbed his gun and went to see who was trying to break-in.  As he went into the room a light shone through the window blinding him.  Thinking it was a light attached to a slide rail of a gun now pointed at him, he fire three times hitting Eaker.

Both residents of the home told police they feared for their lives.  Police say it was an act of self-defense. 

Joshua Eaker is charged with domestic assault and attempted aggravated burglary.

He is housed at the Hamilton County Jail on a bond of $40,000.  He is scheduled to be in court January 27.

The anti-gunners will tell us that if Eaker’s brother hadn’t had a gun, everything would have ended well. But we know better, we know some people become evil, some people would murder their own families. I hope Joshua Eaker gets the help he needs, as for his brother, thank God he had a gun.

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    • That’s a good point, maybe aiming at the head is what he’s used to or perhaps it was a dangerous situation and he only had seconds to act. A lot of people who play video games aim at the head, they get more points.

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