Brother shoots brother-in-law on Gunpowder Drive

 (INDIANAPOLIS) – One person was fatally shot on the city’s northeast side in an apparent domestic dispute Monday afternoon, police confirmed.

The shooting was reported just after 12 p.m. in the 8700 block of Gunpowder Drive. RTV6’s Chris Proffitt reports that a man confessed to shooting a man allegedly involved in a domestic dispute with his sister.

“Well, it was an unfortunate event. My brother-in-law tried to attack my sister and nephew and I had to defend them,” Billy Brantley said. “I live with my sister and I just had my gun on me because I was downtown in an unsafe area … other than that, it is in the safe.”

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Sgt. Kendale Adams said a man’s body was found with an apparent gunshot wound. Family members identified the victim as Bruce Gunn, a retired chemist at Eli Lilly and Company, who was in his mid-50s.

Family members said that Gunn and his wife Martha had been married for 20 years. They also said police had been called to the home frequently for domestic problems.

The suspected shooter has not yet been arrested but was taken by police for questioning.

This man is a hero who put a stop to an abuser, the fact that the abuser was a relative means little. Shooting a relative took a lot more courage than shooting a stranger.  The gun haters will use this story to “prove” that if you own a gun, you’re more likely to hurt someone you know. I guess in their view, it would be better for the sister to keep getting beat up. Thankfully, some brothers are willing to protect their sisters, although frankly, I wish more sisters would buy guns and protect themselves. Feminists often like to say “a woman needs  a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” Well, a woman without a gun needs a good man with a gun.

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  1. The “abuser” happened to be suffering from decades of severe mental health issues (and he happened to be my uncle). I don’t know the details of the event (and neither do you), but an “unfortunate event” is a best-case scenario. Regardless, it’s a tragedy for everyone involved, irrespective of the gun issue. None of that changes your point, of course, but a little compassion might be in order.

    • I’m sorry for your loss. I edited my comments a bit so they’re not so callous. You’re right, I don’t know the details, I’m only reporting what the media reported. Did you know your uncle was beating your aunt? Did you ever suspected anything? I’m just curious. Spousal abuse makes me angry, nobody should go through that. That’s why my initial comments were harsh.

      Believe me, I’d rather blog about homeowners that shoot burglars, but things like this do happen, and my enemies try to use them to push their agenda, so I must speak lest my rights be silenced forever.

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